Bitten by His Buddy

ImageJust a month ago, my son (Mark) was bitten by his dog named “chucky” on his face when he accidentally stepped the tail and fell while playing basketball in our backyard.

No need to worry, my son is okay, as I said it was happened a few months ago. In this picture he’s crying not because he was bitten by his dog but because of the syringe and medicine injected on his face, we know how it hurts.

At first, my son didn’t say anything to his mom what had happened, It was my wife who asked him what that bruises on his face; he said “just a scratch” from chucky, without knowing nor knowledge of the rabies and bacteria or infection it may cause to him. My wife got worried and panicked that time when my son started to tell the whole story, in her instinct, they immediately went to RITM or Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in the Philippines. After a series of laboratory tests, vaccine, and week observations, he’s okay and back to normal.

He loved our dogs so much, as you can see in the second picture, he likes to hug and kiss our dog, in fact, we have 3 dogs; K9, Labrador and Golden Retriever. I shared this story not to get sympathy but to spread awareness to at least discipline our dogs and how to do that, seek for professional help to train our dogs.

During my elementary days that was 1984, we used to owned two (2) dogs which I named “browny and whitey” based on their fur. My parent knew how much I loved my dogs, I love seeing them playing, barking to people they don’t know, and they were like guards to me that time.

One morning, I hear them crying and I saw my neighbor beating my dog to death using wood which I don’t know where they got it. I thought my dogs done something wrong and lately my parents told me that they sold the dogs as dog meal and preparation for a small wedding celebration. I don’t know what to say that time, all I know is they butchered my dogs. Since then, I never ask to give me a pet because I knew my parents will do the same thing again.

In the Philippines, dogs’ meat considered as “Pilipino Delicasy” especially in rural area but since our government passed a law protecting the rights of animal, killing dogs are considered taboo and crime.

To be consistent I don’t owned pet, those dogs I listed were my kids’ dogs and I don’t have a plan to butcher them for a meal of celebration. It’s too barbaric and uncivilized but I love having dogs in my house because when I’m not at home they are my guards and my kids’ buddies.


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20 Responses to Bitten by His Buddy

  1. redserpent42 says:

    aaww. saklap sa feeling na malaman na kinatay ung aso mo. buti na lang hindi ganun dito sa ‘min at hindi rin ako papayag hahaha

    • Villanueva says:

      hindi nga ako tumukim kahit isang putahe eh, inis ko lang ng araw na yon hehehe 🙂

      • redserpent42 says:

        tsaka hindi mo tlaga maatim un. inalagaan mo tapos kakainin mo? 😛 parang ung pinsan ko, inalagaan ung manok tapos biglang kinatay nung bday nya nung mga bata pa kami hindi ba nakakain eh haha

      • Villanueva says:

        ang hirap naman kasing kainin yon dre, parang kumakain ka ng kamag-anak mo. LOL

      • redserpent42 says:

        haha. oo gnon na nga. syempre may pagmamahal ka ng binigay dun sa alaga mo kaya paano mo maatim na kainin?

      • Villanueva says:

        hahaha, bro hindi ko alam 🙂 siguro out of respect and love hindi mo kayang kainin yon, and the hilarious part of that story which I didn’t mention, umiiyak ako hanggang sa school and I asked God bakit siya pa, LOL buti na lang hindi sumagot “sige ikaw na lang”

      • redserpent42 says:

        hahahaha. kung ako man un iiyak ako. kasi mahal ko ung aso tapos kakatayin lang. haha. pag namatay man ung aso namin baka iyakan ko eh. oo, buti hindi sumagot kasi kung sumagot, hindi na kita ka-chat ngayon.

      • Villanueva says:

        hahaha, baka ang kachat mo na ngayon si browny and whitey ko hahaha 🙂

      • redserpent42 says:

        pwede din. 🙂 pinoy ka nga kasi kung ano ang kulay ng aso un ang pangalan. haha

  2. Grabe, kakaiba talaga ang pinoy pagdating sa ganyan. I remember being bitten by a dog. I thought I was gonna die, and then my mom asked where is the bite mark. To find out that it is on my pinky of my right foot heheh. What more pa sa anak mo sa face pa.

    • Villanueva says:

      Actually when I spoke to him he said “it’s nothing” but what he’s crying about are those vaccines injected to him plus the anti-tetanus. His doctor required at least 25 vials of vaccines, since he was bitten on his face they gave him strong vaccines to make it more safe.

  3. Yuna says:

    that’s what my friend who really loves dog did, she has a private trainer for her dog.

  4. Yuna says:

    oh yah, i hope your son and his dogs are getting along well 🙂

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