Post Wedding Jitters

It was 8th of February 2002 when I got married at the age of 23. I was very young then and very impulsive in making a decision. I’m not thinking what will be the consequences, as long as, I know that’s the right thing to do. Here’s the catch, when I thought I was ready, I was slapped in face not by my family but the event that I was not prepared for. Back then I was so stupid, to think that everything was alright but in reality, it was not. I’m as a stoic or hard as a stone or I’m wearing a bullet-proof that time, I was not affected of the whispers in my surrounding. It was long story to tell, if I will narrate you everything.

Fast forward to present, my loving wife and I are planning to renew our wedding bows, but this time we both plan for it even the date, catering and cake including our list of visitors unlike before. It will be a very busy days and months for my wife since she’s in charge of this and as much as I wanted to help her but I can’t because presently I’m working abroad. We are both excited for that day to come, she will be wearing her dream wedding gown, and all our closest friends and families will be there to witness it, and of course this is very special wedding unlike before it was only held in a city hall.

My point in making this story;  the past and present of stories of my wedding including how we became more matured throughout the years we spent together. Long distance was not really a hindrance to fulfill your responsibilities and to have a loving family as long as you both trust each others despite of some difficulties you both encountered along the way.


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2 Responses to Post Wedding Jitters

  1. rjaeblog says:

    Wow! Best Wishes Mr. cool eyes! Good to read inspiring love stories like this.!!

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