Kung Hei Fat Choi

For a long time, I been hooked in other social media like twitter and FB not even bothered that my little writing skill is starting to fade away. My idea of writing become much shorter and has to limit my ideas because of the allowed characters including space in every post except for FB and Instagram. Well, well, I just came back from my senses that I should not leave my other skill behind especially if writing helps me to polish my English writing. (This is not my mother language)

To give you a glimpse of what make me busy for the long period of time, aside from my work. My wife and I, have this dream project that soon to be materialized. We are just waiting for financial support from trusted people. Soon, you will be hearing a lot of good news from me and hopefully I can post some pictures of my project.

God knows what’s the best for us; if you will just believe and wait for Him to maneuver your life. I remember a good advice from a respectable senior minister that we have last January 2016 when he visited us and held a holy congregation; he said no matter how we plan our life or no matter how we wanted to change our life; we cannot do it alone. We have to believe and pray to our God to help us to have a good and meaningful journey in our lives. There’s a lot of uncertainties in our world today not even the greatest mind in our world can solve these problems. Poverty is no longer in 3rd world countries but in the 1st world countries as well. A lot of diseases, war, restlessness and other chaotic happening in our world today that make us more vulnerable and unsafe; our world nowadays become a Big Den but rapidly becoming smaller due of us who are becoming more impatience and wanted to bite more than we can chew.

Oh well, that’s it for now. Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year to all Chines friend 🙂 )


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