SMDC Event Discount Residential Units for Vine Residences

SMDC is offering a event discount for the unsold vatable unit for Vine Residences effective from February  24 to March 31, 2018. Event discount shall be given to 150 buyers until March 31, 2018. Discounts is ranging up to 5%.

Please message thru email at or add me in Whatsapp or IMO at +966561738911.





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Disconnected for a Decades

After so many years of longing for my eldest brother who resides in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu. I had a chance to talk with him for the first time. Although, our conversation was not as long as I wanted to be, due of my limited budget load, at least, now I know my eldest brother’s voice. You won’t believe it, we never seen each other since the day I was born or if I do saw him, as per my mother when we used to went on his ancestral place that was the time when I was still a toddler, I can’t remember anything.

I haven’t heard any news from him for decades, until when my mother decided she wants to go to her place, and before we allowed her, my brother and I tried searching for her relatives in Facebook and surprisingly, I found one. A familiar face but I’m not so sure that time when I saw his profile photo, but one thing is for sure, his left eyebrow with lesser hair. I recalled the reason why he has that, it was a tragic moment when he was still a baby. I can’t tell you the details because I’m still affected and it hurt me so much.

Going back to my story, after talking to my eldest brother, though, our conversation was not really clear and was really short, we were very happy to hear our voices. I even asked him if he knew me and know my face and he said “yes”. He said “I saw your family photos, you have three kids” and he told me “maybe you don’t know my face?”, and I replied “I do”, “I saw it, when I asked our cousin to send me one picture of you”. I even told him his old photo etched to my mind when I was really looking for big brother when I’m growing up. I wanted to feel how is like to have a big brother in your side but since he was really far from us, I stand as the eldest brother of my two brothers and two sisters. I was alone in taking care of them literally, from the first day I taught them how to read and write. It was really a hard time for me when I was standing as their mother and father not because my parents are gone but because they both physically present but mentality absence. In short, it was not an ideal family to be with that time. But I thanked both of them, I survived and I might say I pulled them up, to have a much better life compare when I’m growing up with them.

Now, it’s my time to help my eldest brother. I know he had a hard times dealing alone, when there’s no parents guiding him, I felt his agony that he never experience to have a mother on his side. I don’t know if he already meet his father. But for now, I’m glad I spoke with him, this will be the first of our long journey together. Soon, I will be visiting him with my family and spend time together and try to fill the gap of not seeing each other’s because of being disconnected for a decades.


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Post Wedding Jitters

It was 8th of February 2002 when I got married at the age of 23. I was very young then and very impulsive in making a decision. I’m not thinking what will be the consequences, as long as, I know that’s the right thing to do. Here’s the catch, when I thought I was ready, I was slapped in face not by my family but the event that I was not prepared for. Back then I was so stupid, to think that everything was alright but in reality, it was not. I’m as a stoic or hard as a stone or I’m wearing a bullet-proof that time, I was not affected of the whispers in my surrounding. It was long story to tell, if I will narrate you everything.

Fast forward to present, my loving wife and I are planning to renew our wedding bows, but this time we both plan for it even the date, catering and cake including our list of visitors unlike before. It will be a very busy days and months for my wife since she’s in charge of this and as much as I wanted to help her but I can’t because presently I’m working abroad. We are both excited for that day to come, she will be wearing her dream wedding gown, and all our closest friends and families will be there to witness it, and of course this is very special wedding unlike before it was only held in a city hall.

My point in making this story;  the past and present of stories of my wedding including how we became more matured throughout the years we spent together. Long distance was not really a hindrance to fulfill your responsibilities and to have a loving family as long as you both trust each others despite of some difficulties you both encountered along the way.

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Too Close

When God spoke to me last night,
He use people to light-up my life.
Choices are laid to me to choose,
If i want to win or lose?

Difficulties in choosing played in my mind,
Not even sure if i can make it all the time.
Temptation will always be there,
And Sin’s too close; beware. 😧

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Thank You 🙏

Prayers were answered and I have seen it,
Although, it’s not that easy to have it.
It takes more time, patience and more faith,
That’s okay, i know He will grant it; just wait.

Answered prayers to a believers just like me,
Always brings hope and expectation to see.
That truly prayers can move mountain,
And blessings will always flow like a fountain.

I know, i know I don’t deserve this,
Only Him has a reason for giving me this wish.
Wishes or prayers, I truly want in a long years,
Now that I have it; it brings joy and my eyes is in tears 😇:'(

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Yes, I can do It 👍

Boredom makes me weak,
I tried to ignore, but still sticking with it.
I left those things in my past,
But now boredom making it last.

How pity I am with this feeling,
Knowing God gave me almost everything.
Now, I’ll try to avoid just like before,
I know I can win once more 😕

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Kung Hei Fat Choi

For a long time, I been hooked in other social media like twitter and FB not even bothered that my little writing skill is starting to fade away. My idea of writing become much shorter and has to limit my ideas because of the allowed characters including space in every post except for FB and Instagram. Well, well, I just came back from my senses that I should not leave my other skill behind especially if writing helps me to polish my English writing. (This is not my mother language)

To give you a glimpse of what make me busy for the long period of time, aside from my work. My wife and I, have this dream project that soon to be materialized. We are just waiting for financial support from trusted people. Soon, you will be hearing a lot of good news from me and hopefully I can post some pictures of my project.

God knows what’s the best for us; if you will just believe and wait for Him to maneuver your life. I remember a good advice from a respectable senior minister that we have last January 2016 when he visited us and held a holy congregation; he said no matter how we plan our life or no matter how we wanted to change our life; we cannot do it alone. We have to believe and pray to our God to help us to have a good and meaningful journey in our lives. There’s a lot of uncertainties in our world today not even the greatest mind in our world can solve these problems. Poverty is no longer in 3rd world countries but in the 1st world countries as well. A lot of diseases, war, restlessness and other chaotic happening in our world today that make us more vulnerable and unsafe; our world nowadays become a Big Den but rapidly becoming smaller due of us who are becoming more impatience and wanted to bite more than we can chew.

Oh well, that’s it for now. Kung Hei Fat Choi (Happy New Year to all Chines friend 🙂 )

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Happy Mother’s Day!


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Working in a New Environment and Different Culture

For the past two months that I’ve been here in my new additional project, I’ve noticed that I was not able to visit more often in my blog not because I don’t have time but because I don’t have anything to write or to say, it’s like, I don’t have these words to starts my blog. I posted two blogs for two months since I started working here, only two; that’s it. There’s this thing that, maybe the cause or the reason why I don’t write more often compare last year, I think ‘I don’t worry too much’; about me, my families or what’s surrounded me nowadays, although, I read a lot of news that really had these impacts within me but not ‘too motivating’ to write or to share with on how it affected me.

Well anyway, the new project that I have, I mean, the new additional project that I have right now is not new to me, so, I don’t have this big adjustment. Most of the tasks assigned to me were as the same as I had it before in my previous projects that I handled. I’m so happy to say that it is like winning in a mini-lottery because of the safety and pampers that they giving me here. Aside from free foods, free accommodation and free internet, I don’t need to wash my own clothes because they provided free laundry as many times as I want and there’s no need to clean my room, they will take care of it, every day.

I met new faces and been working with a different culture like with Chinese people, this is the first time I’ll be working with them, although, they don’t speak good in English but obviously they’re dedicated contractor or people that I met with. For now, I’m dealing with them a lot, mostly of their request for temporary accesses and correspondences. Working with these guys was not that hard and good news is you can feel your importance to them as one of their project management team.

That’s it for now and thanks for dropping by.

Have a nice day and God Bless.

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Happy Birthday My Babe

I was trying to paste this in your wall or to my FB wall but I’m having some troubles signing in on my FB, so here my message in your birthday.

In an hour from now, you will be turning a year older from your previous age which I don’t want to reveal or to tell because I don’t want you to get mad with me, although, your face don’t resemble with your age; you look young (Naks). There no words to describe how lucky and thankful I am for being my pair of wings and for being there for me as always. I know ourlives been through a roller coaster experiences that indeed challenge us and pushes our patience to the limits but because we both valued and respects our differences we surpasses in all of these things. We may not have a fairy tales story of our love life as every girl dreamed of but at least from the beginning, we knows what’s real from illusion.

Through this my sweet babe, I know we will both succeeds in our plans and for the future of our family specially for our children, though, we both sacrifices our happiness for being not together with our kids because I’m working here in abroad. I know, in God’s time, we will be living together up the times of our old and gray age.

Happy Birthday my sweetest babe and may our Father in heaven continue to bless our family and give us good health as always. Remember I will always be here for you and stay with you through thick and thin till death do us part.

♡♡♡ I LOVE YOU ♡♡♡and may our 13th years of marriage continue to flourish and be stonger as the days passes by. #HappyBirthdayMySweetBabe♡♡

Love your Babe ♡♡♡


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