Happy Mother’s Day!


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Working in a New Environment and Different Culture

For the past two months that I’ve been here in my new additional project, I’ve noticed that I was not able to visit more often in my blog not because I don’t have time but because I don’t have anything to write or to say, it’s like, I don’t have these words to starts my blog. I posted two blogs for two months since I started working here, only two; that’s it. There’s this thing that, maybe the cause or the reason why I don’t write more often compare last year, I think ‘I don’t worry too much’; about me, my families or what’s surrounded me nowadays, although, I read a lot of news that really had these impacts within me but not ‘too motivating’ to write or to share with on how it affected me.

Well anyway, the new project that I have, I mean, the new additional project that I have right now is not new to me, so, I don’t have this big adjustment. Most of the tasks assigned to me were as the same as I had it before in my previous projects that I handled. I’m so happy to say that it is like winning in a mini-lottery because of the safety and pampers that they giving me here. Aside from free foods, free accommodation and free internet, I don’t need to wash my own clothes because they provided free laundry as many times as I want and there’s no need to clean my room, they will take care of it, every day.

I met new faces and been working with a different culture like with Chinese people, this is the first time I’ll be working with them, although, they don’t speak good in English but obviously they’re dedicated contractor or people that I met with. For now, I’m dealing with them a lot, mostly of their request for temporary accesses and correspondences. Working with these guys was not that hard and good news is you can feel your importance to them as one of their project management team.

That’s it for now and thanks for dropping by.

Have a nice day and God Bless.

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Happy Birthday My Babe

I was trying to paste this in your wall or to my FB wall but I’m having some troubles signing in on my FB, so here my message in your birthday.

In an hour from now, you will be turning a year older from your previous age which I don’t want to reveal or to tell because I don’t want you to get mad with me, although, your face don’t resemble with your age; you look young (Naks). There no words to describe how lucky and thankful I am for being my pair of wings and for being there for me as always. I know ourlives been through a roller coaster experiences that indeed challenge us and pushes our patience to the limits but because we both valued and respects our differences we surpasses in all of these things. We may not have a fairy tales story of our love life as every girl dreamed of but at least from the beginning, we knows what’s real from illusion.

Through this my sweet babe, I know we will both succeeds in our plans and for the future of our family specially for our children, though, we both sacrifices our happiness for being not together with our kids because I’m working here in abroad. I know, in God’s time, we will be living together up the times of our old and gray age.

Happy Birthday my sweetest babe and may our Father in heaven continue to bless our family and give us good health as always. Remember I will always be here for you and stay with you through thick and thin till death do us part.

♡♡♡ I LOVE YOU ♡♡♡and may our 13th years of marriage continue to flourish and be stonger as the days passes by. #HappyBirthdayMySweetBabe♡♡

Love your Babe ♡♡♡


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Fallen 44

Yesterday, it was the National Day of  Mourning in the (Philippines) because of the forty four (44) Special Action Forces (SAF) polices who were ambushed and killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. All Filipinos mourn because of this unfortunate event; we mourn not only for them who gave their lives to serve the country but to the families who were left behind as well.

We mourn not because they lost the battle to capture the most wanted Malaysian Terrorist who killed 200 people in Bali, Indonesia but because they were trapped and butchered like animals in a place that we thought, it’s okay and safe to go because of the ongoing peace negotiation with the rebels (MILF) and (Philippines) government.

There are a lot of questions than answers given by our government; most of us cannot accept the poor explanation not because I/we hated them but because it’s indeed unacceptable and very poorly crafted. We also mourn to the rebels who were also killed in the battle not because I sympathize with them but because they were my brothers too as Filipino, and to the civilians who were among the casualties as always who has nothing to do with it. We mourn because our country nowadays is divided.

It is unfortunate; that a few weeks ago most Catholic people had a high hopes in their lives when the highest Pontiff in the world visited Philippines and then after a week these slaughtering happened that truly shocked most of us.

My country suffered a lot of unfortunate events every year not only from wrath of nature, inequalities in the society that breed rebels and mismanagement of our government to govern its people.

You can’t blame us, why most of us are working here in other countries not to protect ourselves or bring good fortunes to our families but because most of us see hopelessness in our country.

To the families of the brave #Fallen44 condolence  and may our Almighty God embrace you and be with you always to comfort you and to wipe your tears specially this time of our lost as a nation.


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New Year with New Additional Work Assignment

In a day from now, I will be leaving my work place assignment not because I’m done with it but because I have a new additional work assignment. You read it right; I will be handling additional new project. My boss really loved me so much, but it doesn’t mean that since I have additional project they will increase my salary, that won’t happened for now. My yearly evaluation is 10 months away, so, I have to be contented with my present salary; that’s life for me here.

I don’t have problem with my present situation right now, in fact, I love it and it’s a good sign that they entrusted me that I can handle this new project aside from my present project. The only problem I think for now is my transportation since I don’t have car and don’t know how to drive, I’ll be asking for someone to drive me every day, and I have to wake up as early as 5:30 in the morning; it’s a 30 minute drive my new accommodation to my new office unlike before my accommodation is a just a walk away to my office; that’s a big adjustment on my part. Hopefully this will get well along the way.

That’s it for now. Have a nice day and keep well.

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If I can

If I can only hold the time,
And make it mine
I’ll stop it when you’re happy
Then let it passed when you’re lonely.
I’ll also share it with you every day of the year,
Just to make you smile and let you cheer.
Especially in times that I know you’ve felt endeared.
I’ll let my time to stay for you my dear.
If I see you hurt, crying and in pain,
I’ll take back the time you don’t need it; there’s no gain.
I will not holds the two hands of time,
Let it passed, let it go, I don’t owned it; it’s not mine.
Just trying to be poetic in year 2015 😉
Have a nice day and keep well.

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Still Alive!

Still Alive” If you had watched ‘The Croods’ cartoon movie you are very much familiar with this line which they usually shouted every morning of their lives. 
For the past 4 days after New Year’s Eve, as much as I wanted to write something in my blog to start-up my 2015; I found it difficult. I have the ‘words’ to write but don’t know how to begin with, well, I guess the ideas/thoughts that I have, were the same ideas/thoughts I had last year. Nothing so special to share with, except for some white hair strands appearing in my head and some lines on my face. These are the signs that I’m not getting younger as the days goes by, in fact, this year I’m turning 37 and proud.
During the day of New Year’s Eve before leaving the office, I’m hesitant to greet my fellow Filipinos and Indians working as our contractor a ‘Happy New Year’ knowing that they haven’t receive their salaries up to this moment of writing this blog, to add salt to their injuries, their company still owe them 4 months more for their unpaid salaries. I felt the disappointment on their eyes that time and wondering how their families in their countries celebrating the New Year’s Eve and just leave the past behind? My mind cannot help not to think that their families at home became more miserable and helpless and even wondering how many families became hopeless and ruined because of ‘this’ specially if most of the wives are dependent to them as husbands. Without their remittances to their family, it will be very difficult to provide decent meals, sending their children to schools, paying their utility bills and rentals. Although, I cannot see them crying, I know what’s deep inside of them, you can sense it in their eyes and hear in their voices. But instead of crying and locked themselves in their rooms, you can see them working very hard every day.
I guess that’s what ‘Still Alive’ means in ‘The Croods’ cartoon movie that I’ve watched, every day of your life, you can do anything when you’re still alive, and life must go on no matter what consequences it may bring just staying alive to live.
Happy New Year and Keep Well.

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