Fallen 44

Yesterday, it was the National Day of  Mourning in the (Philippines) because of the forty four (44) Special Action Forces (SAF) polices who were ambushed and killed in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. All Filipinos mourn because of this unfortunate event; we mourn not only for them who gave their lives to serve the country but to the families who were left behind as well.

We mourn not because they lost the battle to capture the most wanted Malaysian Terrorist who killed 200 people in Bali, Indonesia but because they were trapped and butchered like animals in a place that we thought, it’s okay and safe to go because of the ongoing peace negotiation with the rebels (MILF) and (Philippines) government.

There are a lot of questions than answers given by our government; most of us cannot accept the poor explanation not because I/we hated them but because it’s indeed unacceptable and very poorly crafted. We also mourn to the rebels who were also killed in the battle not because I sympathize with them but because they were my brothers too as Filipino, and to the civilians who were among the casualties as always who has nothing to do with it. We mourn because our country nowadays is divided.

It is unfortunate; that a few weeks ago most Catholic people had a high hopes in their lives when the highest Pontiff in the world visited Philippines and then after a week these slaughtering happened that truly shocked most of us.

My country suffered a lot of unfortunate events every year not only from wrath of nature, inequalities in the society that breed rebels and mismanagement of our government to govern its people.

You can’t blame us, why most of us are working here in other countries not to protect ourselves or bring good fortunes to our families but because most of us see hopelessness in our country.

To the families of the brave #Fallen44 condolence  and may our Almighty God embrace you and be with you always to comfort you and to wipe your tears specially this time of our lost as a nation.



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7 Responses to Fallen 44

  1. amoafowaa says:

    Such hatred in the world and what a tragic death they encountered. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

  2. Elouise says:

    Your tribute is beautiful and painful. The irony of the visit from the Pope being followed by this tragedy does make it all the more irrational and inhuman. The photo is powerful.

  3. Aira says:

    kawawa naman kayong mga nawalan ng mahal sa buhay sana nga po eh mabigyan na po ng hustisya ang pagkamatay ng 44 na SAF

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