Still Alive!

Still Alive” If you had watched ‘The Croods’ cartoon movie you are very much familiar with this line which they usually shouted every morning of their lives. 
For the past 4 days after New Year’s Eve, as much as I wanted to write something in my blog to start-up my 2015; I found it difficult. I have the ‘words’ to write but don’t know how to begin with, well, I guess the ideas/thoughts that I have, were the same ideas/thoughts I had last year. Nothing so special to share with, except for some white hair strands appearing in my head and some lines on my face. These are the signs that I’m not getting younger as the days goes by, in fact, this year I’m turning 37 and proud.
During the day of New Year’s Eve before leaving the office, I’m hesitant to greet my fellow Filipinos and Indians working as our contractor a ‘Happy New Year’ knowing that they haven’t receive their salaries up to this moment of writing this blog, to add salt to their injuries, their company still owe them 4 months more for their unpaid salaries. I felt the disappointment on their eyes that time and wondering how their families in their countries celebrating the New Year’s Eve and just leave the past behind? My mind cannot help not to think that their families at home became more miserable and helpless and even wondering how many families became hopeless and ruined because of ‘this’ specially if most of the wives are dependent to them as husbands. Without their remittances to their family, it will be very difficult to provide decent meals, sending their children to schools, paying their utility bills and rentals. Although, I cannot see them crying, I know what’s deep inside of them, you can sense it in their eyes and hear in their voices. But instead of crying and locked themselves in their rooms, you can see them working very hard every day.
I guess that’s what ‘Still Alive’ means in ‘The Croods’ cartoon movie that I’ve watched, every day of your life, you can do anything when you’re still alive, and life must go on no matter what consequences it may bring just staying alive to live.
Happy New Year and Keep Well.


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7 Responses to Still Alive!

  1. ladysighs says:

    I never heard of the Croods. They sound like a lively bunch.
    Those white hairs and lines are signs of maturity and experience. 🙂 I have doubled your years of experience and still have a lot to learn and enjoy.

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