A Letter to 2015

Dear 2015,

I been thinking about you since last night; I don’t know you for now and you don’t know me, as well. Your friend 2014, really, gave us a hard time; we’ve been dealing (still) with a lot of problems in peace and orders, tragedies in seas and air, worst poverty struck even in a first world countries, diseases that became a worldwide crisis and a lot more. We know, that this world is not a paradise to all, we know that humans are very vulnerable in all these uncertainties of life while living in this world. We know that we (still) need to learn more things about in this world. But, you must also know, that despite all these unfortunate events, (we) the people of this world became more connected to each other; we became more concerned, exposed and resilient people. And because of these; we are learning, adopting, surviving and evolving; that’s ‘The Human Race’.

You will be welcomed by fireworks that will light up the night sky. While you’re coming, people will be cheering for you with hope and expectations (but don’t put pressure on yourself), and also, you will be welcomed by a loud noises, as in really very loud. You will also see people crying not because they are frightened or scared of the uncertainties you may bring to us but because most of us ‘made it’. You will see us falling for sometimes, that’s for sure; we will weep, we will be hurt, and there will be a pain in life and falling. But as the times goes by, there’s always a good side of falling; people will learn, people will stand, people will be reunited, people will care and people will continue to hope and love that someday ‘inequalities’ will soon be just a part of history of humankind. Welcome 2015! And Happy New Year to all especially to my families, I love you all.

P.S. Just be thankful in all the trials in ourlives and because of this we became more matured and we’ve stepped one step forward for good. Let the past be a history, Let the present be a gift and Let the tomorrow be our future.

Truly Yours;


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8 Responses to A Letter to 2015

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Sure. Be thankful soothes the aching heart

  2. Thanks for liking my post and Happy New Years.

  3. What a wonderful letter to welcome the new year! Happy 2015! 😀

  4. This made me happy! Thank you for writing it!

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