Love Letter/s on New Year’s Eve?

In connection to my blog about “Alone in New Year’s Eve of 2015” there was one suggestion from a WP blogger that instead of doing nothing in the eve of 2015, why not write a special love letter/s? She has a point and I totally agree on her, although, I don’t know how to start my love letter/s and here’s my questions needed to be answered to consider the suggestion from a WP blogger;

First, in order to make this, I have to dig more and deeper on my past which will be more complicated because I’ll be digging the saddest part of my past as well. I have to be very careful on narrating all the memories I had in my past and addresses to my love ones to make it more sincere, so, they can feel the love that I invested unconditionally.

Second and lastly, in making a love letters, I’m sure that it will be very emotional (I cannot help myself not to be emotional, I’m alone) and I don’t want to cry while making these letters. Crying in the eve of 2015? That’s not a good idea to start 2015. It has to be simple, meaningful, lovely and a happy love letters.  

While considering these questions of mine, I believe that I just make this thing’s complicated. Wherein, it should be a simple love message to inspire them to continue their lives and my life without any remorse/regrets in life but instead be thankful in all the blessings that God gave to me and to my family. And be thankful to all the trials that I/we struggled/surpassed which make us/me stronger and resilient in facing the adversities of our lives.

Advance Happy New Year and I’m still considering writing a love letter/s, I just needed more time to concentrate. Thanks Estelea always keep well and more blessings to come


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8 Responses to Love Letter/s on New Year’s Eve?

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Wish you happy new year, Chris

  2. Jan De La Force says:

    Love letters on the eve? That’s a brilliant idea! 😀

  3. johaladiditagain says:

    This is something to ponder on and perhaps make into a reality. I think this is a brilliant idea. 🙂

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