2 Days of silence and 2 Days of Sleepless Night

I had all the days and years of silence in my life but not peace when I started working here in Saudi Arabia but the silence I have had right now is slowly killing the flame inside of me.

Last night, I listened to a song titled “If I Could” by Charles Rey. Every lyrics of the song strucks me and all the little memories I had spent with my family flashes back. The song was all about the unconditional love of a parent to his/her children and to his/her love one. I’m so affected and my tears started to flow like a river while listening to each words of the song and how soulful the singer sang the song.

My mind reminisce and went back to the time when I decided to work abroad and from the moment I stepped out of my house leaving my three kids to my wife. I saw the sadness and tears in their eyes. No words can describe how I felt and they felt, no one saw that my heart and their hearts crushing and crying out loud. Even up to now everytime I’m going back to work abroad from my vacation, still, the same sadness we always felt every time of my departure.  They say parenting is a long and never ending contract only your grave can terminate it. I hope my advises will still matters to my children once I decided to come back home for good. Two nights of sleepless night hunting me of my past decision for my family’s future.

I hope things will be better and will always be in according to His will. Have a nice day and keep well. đŸ˜‰


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2 Responses to 2 Days of silence and 2 Days of Sleepless Night

  1. floridaborne says:

    My sister and her ex lived in Saudi Arabia for 7 years while he worked there. She was so happy to get back to the US, where she could drive and ride a bicycle.

    • Thanks floridaborne for dropping by and reading my blog. Yes, women are restricted to drive vehicles here but there’s some places which are exempted to this rule like inside Aramco community. Have a nice day

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