Why should God Reward You if You Love Only the people who love You?

This question really caught my attention when I read the blog of Mr. Yesudas dated Dec. 23, 2014 entitled ‘Satisfied with Mediocrity 2’. The question was derived from the book of Matthew 5:46. As we all knew, ever since we were a child that God is everything and everywhere because He created all the things around us including the infinity of the universe, we accepted and believe it whole-heartedly, no doubt. Although there’s some few people who still struggling to look for an answer to challenge ‘The Creation’. Sooner, if we still have time maybe their revelations will surely changes our beliefs and perceptions of life as we knew it.

Anyway, the reason I come up to blog and to attempt answer this verse question was, it really bothered me but not too much. I loved my family and that’s all that matters to me because I knew they love me as well. But to love the people whom I don’t know or people who don’t love me; I never think of it. I have the compassion to help others and to understand peoples’ flaws, shortcomings and wrongdoings only to those people around me or people who influenced me along my adulthood. But, I believe this is not the right answer to that question, what do you think?

On some of my previous blog particularly ‘The Slum’, I noted that I’ve plans to extend my help to those less fortunate communities in the slum of Tondo but since I’m not yet achieving my self-actualization it really holds me back. I still need more time and I hope it’s not that late. And maybe this will meet at least the love needed in able to get the rewards, of eternal life not ‘here’ as we know it.

I remember one scenario that I gave an opinion without thinking that likely to prejudice one man that I only know by his name but I never had a social interaction. One of our elders told us that in able to understand that man and his shortcomings as well as his wrongdoings we have to be more than him, he means, we have to think that we are worse than him. I stopped and think for a moment just to understand what he said to us and then I realized that judging him will not make me/us a better person than him. I guess that time, we, particularly me, just needed to love him and accept his wrongdoings and negligence but not to tolerate him in able to understand and advise him. He needed a person who can understand the frequency of what he is without judging him, that’s make sense to me. Well, I think this is one way of loving people who don’t love you nor care for you to LOVE them even they are the worse person in the world because you knew you are worse than them.


Have a nice day and keep well. Happy Holidays!!! 😉



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