The Other System

Most of the times when you read true stories of a life and you felt their agonies, emotions, struggles, pains, and failures; at the end of their stories you don’t feel any guilt, regrets, or they try to blame others because of what they are or who they are right now. They don’t have to say they are happy or sad or devastated; reader will just feel the love, the hope as well as their passion to see the other good side of the coin.

I salute these people who learnt a lot from their failures, sickness, pains and everything that we as a human are very vulnerable with whether it’s emotional or physical. I like the way how they grew, became matured, and shared their experiences on how to deal with things that keep pushing us backward. I don’t know how to explain the feeling I have had right now, but, you know their ‘words’ once they gave you some advices; you have this instant feeling that’s the answer! I should have to take it because you know it may work. It’s better than nothing right?

I read a lot of pains, sufferings and sicknesses in WordPress, but, most of them are so optimistic and even trying to step more or climb higher despite of those experiences they have. Which makes me a little bit sad and really confused why these amazing people can do that amazing things and yet my other system don’t have this instead of providing solution to the problem, my other system keep pulling me down.

I built a wall between me and other system to avoid collision which I anticipated a long time ago. I keep providing anti-virus to avoid spreading damages to whole system but the anti-virus that I have is not that enough because the other system breeds viruses instead of helping to clean the system. It’s like raising a small and stubborn child who doesn’t know how to listen, so you have to be a broken record to continue reminding what he misses along the way.

I hope you have a nice day while I’m trying to have one. God bless and keep well.


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7 Responses to The Other System

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Hope your other system can go well soon.

  2. Elouise says:

    Hi, Chris.
    I just looked through your blogging history. Very impressive! Inspirational, too. It gives me ‘fuel’ to keep at it in the next year. Writing seems to be your way of recording the truth about your life–the way you struggle against the forces that want to pull you down, or against the forgetfulness of that small, stubborn child who needs to be reminded often. A broken record? Maybe. But it doesn’t seem broken to me. It’s really a stunning tapestry of all the ways you work (in your head and heart) to make sense of where you are right now, and to stay connected to your family. I wish you well in the new year!

    • Thanks Eloiuse I’m happy that my writing gives you inspiration to continue blogging/writing. Most of the time we really need to be a broken record specially if we want to change someone or educate them or at least try to influence them a little bit of your experiences for their own good. We don’t have the exact formula how to be a good person/parent to our children but at least we always have time to debate or think out of the box of what approaches we needed to nurture/educate or to move forward in our lives. The problem is the person, whom don’t want to listen except of own his/her voice; that’s the sad part of advising. Well anyway, thanks for dropping by and thank you for reading my life 🙂 God Bless and keep well.

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