Alone in New Year’s Eve of 2015

During the past ‘New Year Eves’ that I’ve been here in the kingdom for almost 7 years, I’m usually with my colleagues and family to celebrate NYE. We used to prepared varieties of foods from sweet, pasta, chicken and seafood then wait for 12 midnight before eating our dinner and while waiting for midnight just grab a microphone, pick a song and sing your favorite songs in videoke while most of my colleagues were chatting with our families and friends in the Philippines, after eating the NYE dinner that’s the cue to start cleaning the area, celebration is over and time to go to bed.

Those days are gone, presently I’ am assigned in a remote area for a new project and my place has only 4 rooms in the camp, meaning I have 3 flat mates but 2 of them are currently in their respective annual vacation while the other one I don’t expect him to celebrate NYE, because I know he’s tired and maybe he still has jetlag when he return back in the kingdom from his annual vacation. So, it will be only me, wondering what my plan is for NYE.

For just one night, I’m thinking to watch cartoon movies, eat ordinary dinner and make sure to wake up early, since New Year is just an ordinary day here in the kingdom, in short, I have to work on the first day of 2015. But, before anything else and before I go to sleep on the eve of 2015, I have to pray and thanks God for giving me and my family the blessings that we have had in 2014 and keeping us safe in all the tragedies happened in 2014 which I know my family in the Philippines is doing the same thing.

I know you and your family will do these prayers also, anyway, if you’re alone this coming New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to be very emotional or feel depressed or stressing yourself that you’re not with your family or friends just keep in mind that this is just a formality that the days in our calendar for 2014 is over. When you wake up in the morning of Jan. 1, 2015 things will not change, it’s still the same; same neighborhood, same utility bills, and same debt in your credit cards/banks… the same old lives we had last 2014 but don’t forget to turn the page of your calendar that’s the only ‘NEW’ in 2015.


Have a nice day and keep well.


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17 Responses to Alone in New Year’s Eve of 2015

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Wish you have a nice day too

  2. Jan De La Force says:

    With your positive view, you’ll sure to fare well! 🙂
    Happy Holidays! 😀

  3. estelea says:

    Wish you a beautiful new year. But why not celebrating a little bit on your own? I mean, a special meal, a special movie, a special letter waiting to be written to the ones you love? Any day is a chance to celebrate, would be too bad to miss one 😉 you too can be celebrated, you are a great father, husband, family man, why not a little tribute to yourself, for once? You deserve it 🙂

  4. A.K. Maleeke says:

    I like the idea of watching cartoons on NYE. I will be working that night so its just another day for me as well.

  5. floridaborne says:

    The Aramco compound was where my sister and her husband lived for 7 years. They had 45 days vacation each year. What she missed the most were fast food restaurants, time with family, and having freedom. From her descriptions of life in the compound, I can only imagine that with your family so far away, you’re sacrificing a lot in order to provide for them.

    I have no doubt that you’ll stand upon your spiritual foundation and rely on a higher power to get through the next few years.

  6. keithakenel says:

    Appreciating what you have is very important.
    Sorry that you will be alone but know that those who love you are thinking of you and appreciate your sacrifice.
    Happy new year to you!

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