Dreaming of Past Memories

Good day WPFriends;

Last night I dreamt about so many things and so many memories in my past. I even dreamt the old tenement house where my family used to stay with for more than a decade. What was odd is that I was there as a tenant (again). There was a water outage that time (in my dream). I think the place has no power as well because it’s a little bit blurry and then I went to the common bathroom, the place was still intact but in reality, I’ve heard the place was demolished and been renovated to a new and modern apartment type.

That house was an antic house and been there during and after the World War I and World War II; sad to know that the owner and their children decided to sell it for a low price without thinking the ancestral/historical value of their house.

Maybe, the reason I dreamt that house was, before I go to sleep, I remember the stories of my daughter about her ghost encounter in our bathroom. She keenly describe the lady wearing a black dress with long black hair and she saw the eyes of that ghost but not sure about the face, as per her description it’s a little bit blurry. She saw it twice and I ask her what she do she said she run to her room and cover her whole body with her blanket.

Creepy but I believe her stories you know why? it runs to our blood I myself had experienced it too during my vacation and next time I will tell you my story about this ghost encounter.

Have a nice day!! 🙂


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3 Responses to Dreaming of Past Memories

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Have a nice day. Are you the emotional type of person? Listen to a story and the story haunts you?

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