After Five Years at Manila Ocean Park

After five years; my family and I revisited the Manila Ocean Park (Philippines) but since that was the second time we visited the place, I looked for their old pictures first, and made it sure that they will have the same pose just like before. And here’s their ‘Before and After’ picture. Seeing this pictures makes me realize that I truly missed those moments that I was not around with them and seeing my kids growing so fast makes me proud parent because I know they are a good children of mine, though, at their early stage we let them decide what they want but we ensure that it’s for their good and not blinded by our loves to them. Happy weekdays everyone 😉


By the way, I also had some nice and good picture with them when we hired a kalesa (local mean of transportation with the help of horse) see picture below. And this was my most memorable annual vacation I ever had since 2008. Thanks for my supportive wife.



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