In Between of Skies and Stars

Have you ever tried to speak with the stars? Well, I did! It was last Saturday after I finished my dinner I went outside of my room. The skies was clear with no clouds at all and while the soft breeze of wind passing through my skin, I looked up in the skies and search for a group of stars, although it’s quite disappointing because there’s no enough stars to make my head spin but there’s these stars that caught my attention, I stared them for a couple of minutes and then I started to confessed and begging for their help, not that I believe they will answer me back but I believe behind those gaps from skies to the stars, we have this invisible being watching us.

Maybe, there are not as supreme as my God but I know our ancestors used to call them or used to ask them for guidance or at least an answer to their questions. Without noticing my tears started to flow continuously to my cheeks down to the lower jaws near my chin. I told them some frustrations I’m dealing presently and ask for some assistance not that I believe there are gods but as a believer of their big influenced to man’s intelligence and supremacy to the animal kingdom. I narrated all my frustrations, and disappointments. I didn’t have to tell them my flaws and vulnerabilities, I know they knew me so much, no pretentious from me that night I just wanted to be honest while telling them what’s inside of me or what’s I’m dealing with. And you know what? Indirectly, I got some replied from them, I confided and asked for help for a specific thing, I got it within the week. The God that I believe maybe told them to deal with my disappointment although it’s too early to tell that this is the answer or the solution; for now it’s better than nothing.

Thank you for reading.

 Have a nice day and keep well.



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4 Responses to In Between of Skies and Stars

  1. Elouise says:

    A beautifully human post. Thanks so much!

  2. ladysighs says:

    I don’t talk to stars but they talk to me. 🙂

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