Lucy, Virgin Mary, Advance Being and The Artificial Insemination (Part 1 of 2)

When I watched the movie “Lucy” it makes me wonders that as our technologies continue to grow and our curiosities about other life existing outside of our Solar System are progressively being answered and our previous ignorance about life only existed in Earth is hard to believe in this era, knowing that Earth is just 4.5 billion years old and our solar system formed way back 4.6 billion years ago while Milky Way Galaxy is older than our Solar System, as per Wikipedia, Milky Way Galaxy age is 13.2 Billion years old and compose of 200 to 400 billion of stars and 100 billion of planets like Earth but according to the new theory or studies that the numbers of planets are maybe more than the numbers of stars. Examples of this theory is our Solar System which has 1 star and has 8 planets, if that’s the case, if per star has 2 planets obviously planets outnumbered the stars; quite logic right.

Now here’s the catch, what if one of our belief in our religion has more logical answer compare to what our preachers told us to believe. Like the most acceptable answer to Virgin Mary controversial pregnancy. To discuss this issue, I know I may be hurting some religions or followers of Mary, my religion has nothing to do with this; this is my own discretion. Of course, if we are living in Mary’s times and we had a very primitive lifestyle including science and medicine; it is easy for us to believe that Mary was indeed got pregnant by a Holy Spirit simply because we don’t know how to answer or to explain it, people that time will simply say it’s a miracle; she’s a virgin, no sexual contact and they knew Mary as pure woman, but as I’ve said as our technologies continues to grow; our curiosity and ignorance are progressively being answered time by time, can we say that Mary undergo “Artificial Insemination” that time? Creepy but it make sense right? We know Artificial Insemination is scientifically proven in our time.

To be continued…. Have a nice day and keep well (“,)



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