The Slum – Al Jazeera English

Last two nights ago, I’ve watched Al Jazeera documentaries about ‘The Slum’ in Philippines. I’m not surprised when I watched it because I used to live near in that place. I can still feel the agonies of the people who are trapped in poverty. I’ve witnessed it by myself when I was still in high school. I even experienced it personally and deal with it every day I don’t have a choice nor have a right to choose for a family to have with. I grew up in Tondo and I’m proud to say I surpassed the miserable nightmares of my life and even helped my siblings and my parents by choosing to study hard not to be become genius or intelligent but to break the chain of poverty from my parents’ parents. Now, from where I stand, I owed it to Tondo who awaken me and motivate me to strive for my own good.

These documentaries is too depressing be make sure when you watch it don’t pity them but admire them instead because they’re trying to live decently compare to some of their neighbors who became criminals in that area. Here are the set of links for your viewing.     Part 1 of 6

Risky Business – The Slum – Al Jazeera English. Part 2 of 6

I cannot say have a nice day for now because this documentaries affects me so much, If I could only help them but I can’t which is sad for me. 😦

God bless us all.


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13 Responses to The Slum – Al Jazeera English

  1. Ponder says:

    Oh Nephew! You write in such a way to pierce my heart–I am SO PROUD of you, for all that you’ve overcome and accomplished, for your sacrifices and your heart of generous compassion. Surely you will hear God say, “Well done, good and faithful servant–son”. There are all kinds of poverty–the materially wealthy who are empty/poor of heart have it much worse, in my view. I’m not a rich woman, as far as money or “things”–but I’m rich, rich, rich with Jesus living in my heart. He provides Everything I need, and plenty of “wants”–mostly JOY and Peace, knowing that I’m His beloved. God bless you abundantly today–try to let Him wash the sadness away. love, Tita

    • When I watched that documentaries you know the feeling that you wanted to help them but you don’t know how because you don’t have the means. All you can do is to pray for their health and hoping that someday things will be okay. It’s too depressing to watch but that’s the reality in the Philippines or in other parts of the world.

      Thank you tita for such a powerful word of wisdom 🙂 Keep well Tita and God Bless you too. Take care Tita.

  2. Yoshiko says:

    Glad that you have broken the chains of poverty by studying hard

  3. ro03hakaco says:

    Slums, squatters area, government people call it– informal settlers..not only in Tondo, all over metropolis we have slums,that is the way of life of average Filipino workers (these are the politicians favorite constituents come election time), if you are street-wise business is good also at these places–lots of opportunities from retailing, rentals of several square foot of space etc., etc.

    You could see as well all the vices here from gambling, alcoholics to drug trafficking etc. and this is one of the realities of city life for (some) Filipinos.

    But despite it all you can find also the happiest people here at slums area.
    I am a dreamer, I believe we Pinoys can hurdle this hardships–we just need to transform these deprivation into opportunities.
    We can help, first by helping ourselves–and the desire to help !!
    the imagination cultivates itself if we have that desire.

    • Hi ro03hakaco, thank you for sharing your thoughts and dropping by in my blog.

      I used to live in Tondo and I myself witnessed it. Happiness is just a word without meaning if your living below poverty, you can see them smiling but behind that there is an emptiness and a lot of uncertainty. Our LGUs, DSWD as well as the NGOs should really put their heart and dedication to help those less fortunate people.

      Well anyway, thank you again 🙂

  4. swamiyesudas says:

    My Dear Villanueva, I did not see the videos. I never see them, as my internet is too slow and also costly. Just going by Your writings, and impressed by Your Love for Your family and Hard Work. Congratulations. …Just by writing about their conditions, etc, You ARE helping the people there. So No need for You to be sad.
    Thank You for visiting my site and the Like, etc.
    Hearty Regards to You.

  5. lolaWi says:

    Getting out of poverty is by no means an easy feat. It takes hard work and determination. I admire your story and your desire to continue to help others is truly commendable. I joined a mission in helping land and ulingan early this year. It was a life changing experience.

    • That was a very good experience, I envy you. As I said as much as I wanted to helped them my priorities and responsibilities in my life holding me back (you know family first) maybe someday I can help them. Thanks for dropping by and keep well.

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