Last night, I dreamed about earthquake then a flashflood. In that dream, I’m with my wife and with some of my relatives, we are watching one of my neighbors in a television; I don’t know why we’re watching her then suddenly, we noticed the ground in her area shook in unimaginable strength and we all terrified in what we’ve witnessed, we didn’t feel the earthquake in our side but we knew something’s wrong and then I looked what’s happening outside, from my window, I saw monstrous waves of water washing all things in the street, right then I knew we cannot escape death, I kneeled and prayed in my dream in a very loudly voice, I prayed for forgiveness for all the sins I’ve committed and for all my shortcomings to Him and then the monstrous water washed all the houses; my wife that time was carrying a baby on her arms and then we started to drowned, we were helpless and it’s too late to escape, I hold her hands while we’re drowning, I knew she wanted to live but I looked her in her eyes telling to let go no words coming out from me only shaking my head from then she understand what I trying to say and then we both closed our eyes and we let the water drown our bodies.

It was a strange and weird dream, I can still feel the strength of that water, I was not scared that time to die; in fact, I’m ready to die.

I don’t know how to interpret my dream last night, nor don’t know if that’s a warning or just a dream, I don’t usually dream of drowning that’s the first I had. I usually dreamed of flying or being in a place I never been with. O well, I just wanted to share that weird dream I had.

Have a nice day and keep well. (“,)


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17 Responses to Dream

  1. Laine Jensen says:

    Last night, I had a dream that a tornado hit my house. I don’t know what your dream could mean, but anything that levels the home front is worth thinking more about.

  2. Fig Tree Chance says:

    I’m glad you shared that, Nephew. Dreams can be so vivid and visceral–as you say, you could feel the strength of the water. Interesting that both you and Laine dreamed last night of natural disasters…. I doubt they are prophetic–but it never hurts to use it as another opportunity from God to prepare ourselves. It is good to be ready to return to God, our hearts free and at peace. I, too, am ready any day, any hour to be with HIM–I can hardly wait to see HIM face to face! May HE bless you this day–and all your family, Nephew. love always, Tita

    • Hi Tita, thanks for your powerful wisdom/advise and sharing your thoughts. I’m so glad that I have a Tita like you who always have a nice words to say, so soft-spoken and caring. Take care Tita and have a nice day and God bless you too.

      • Fig Tree Chance says:

        We are indeed blessed that God would allow us to meet here, this way–and to pray for each other daily.

  3. suchled says:

    What a world we live in when dreams are nightmares and reality is a dream we never have/

  4. Ponder says:

    Nephew, I’m moving again….sorry to drive you crazy! love, your Nutty Tita

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  6. Elouise says:

    Thanks for sharing your dream. Being ready to die is a great gift. So is life. There’s a lot of life in your dream–especially in your connection with your wife and with God.

    • Hi Elouise, I’m ready to die in that dream because I don’t have choice, I’m trapped. But of course, if it is our fate to die we cannot stop it but not now. Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day.

  7. suchled says:

    I just read again. Man, you hang on to aunty. I think she is a good woman.

  8. ro03hakaco says:

    I Havent dreamed dreams of that sort for quite a time, I remember during my childhood days I sometimes had terrible dreams. But getting and growing older seem to dream differently, of visions or dreams however they call it.

    Maybe its some kind of warning, or as the saying goes “kabaliktaran” ang ibig sabihin.

    Anyways thanks for liking my post @ my site. keep up the good.

    • Hi ro03hakaco,

      I had a lot of dreams lately and I usually share it in my blog 😀 I hope it so na kabaliktaran siya…kung magkatotoo man ‘that’s my fate’ I cannot do anything to change it… take care and have a nice day 😉

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