Dancing Sands

In a month from now, I’ll be seeing you again,
A sign that summer is about to end,
Winter is coming that is for sure,
Chance to feel cold air which is so pure,

I may not be happy to see you dancing in my site,
Because I know you’re carrying a lot of parasites,
Mixing your body with strong howling wind,
You will be hitting my house and wanted it to spin.

And when you finished dancing can I see your tears?
Please don’t hide it, I didn’t see for a year.
Though I’m excited to feel the cold air of winter,
But still I wanted to see the rain brought by a changing weather.

Dancing sands maybe quite irritating,
But in my place, it means a season is changing.
People will start to go out in morning day,
And I’ll be seeing children going to parks just to play.

Have a nice day and keep well (“,)


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3 Responses to Dancing Sands

  1. Fig Tree Chance says:

    “Dancing sands” sounds so pretty, but I gather it is not?

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