I waited you for 31 days and when you came, 
My heart starts to sing but not for a fame  
You boosted my moral,give hopes to my plan; as If I won a game.

But you left me so soon without even saying goodbye.
You flew so fast; faster than a blink of an eye.
I cannot hold you more than a day,
I knew someone’s waiting for you and I said it’s okay.

This is how we started ever since I learned to be independent
And this is how you teach me to become responsible parent.

Sending you to my family brings security; privileges to live them in peace.
 Freeing you is giving them love and ease.
Don’t worry we will meet again.
I’ll be waiting for you….my salary.

Have a nice day and keep well.



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10 Responses to Waiting

  1. estelea says:

    Had fun reading it, this is really great 🙂

  2. KatherineB says:

    Nice to meet you and thank you for the comment.Your blog looks good

  3. Fig Tree Chance says:

    Oh wow, Nephew–this touched my heart deeply. God bless you always–love, Tita

    • Hi Tita, it’s really sad but it’s my decision for the sake of my family 😀 no worry I can still handle it. God bless you too Tita.

      • Fig Tree Chance says:

        You know, dear nephew, as much as I sometimes worry for you–I so admire your sacrifice. Many people would not do the same.

      • Thank you Tita, I don’t have any words to describe how I feel right now; now, that I know aside from my family you also worry about my condition. I appreciate your kindness. Take care Tita ❤

      • Fig Tree Chance says:

        Truly you have my “Tita Heart”–I think it must be so hard to be separated from your family. All of you are making the sacrifice, and must be very brave.

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