Why my FB friend’s Intelligence starting to rot or deteriorating?

This post is not meant to insult or add salt to the injuries of my FB friends deteriorating intelligence but to help them to change or to at least grow up or be mature in using FB as their way of communication to their relatives, friends, and to the world.

When I started to used FB way back 2008 or 2009, I’m so excited and I wanted to share all what’s happening to me like my personal memorabilia and pictures (i.e. family, friends, travels, pets, wounds, workplace, new clothes, etc..,) and also, I will not deny that I even shared my emotionally imbalance, sometimes. But throughout the years of using FB as a mirror or reflection of the people surrounded me in the past, even up to now, I found out that these same people are not helping me to grow or to at least develop my intelligence/experience not because I wanted to be like Einstein or Dan Brown but to be more realistic in life or how to handle things when luck is not in your side. In short, these same FB friends are not teaching me to become more human/person who wanted to think, to grow and to ask question every time I’m struggling for answers. Instead, most of them are the opposite side of being a human/person.

I maybe becoming harsh but I believe it’s about time for us to change our habitual lowlife of posting of a very non-sense post in our timelines. Try to post things which is appropriate in our age and sanity; we’re not a bunch of society or individuals who wanted to be judged based on our post. You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to know that this person is experiencing emotional imbalance, or trying to ruined a reputation of his/her family member or trying to have a fight by posting a provocative harsh words against that person. Another thing is, what’s the reason of re-posting or re-sharing the thoughts or quotes of others; everyday? Common, we Filipinos has a lot of experiences to share to the world and we know how to think and how to analyze a certain situation or even can share our own quotes or moral lesson, but most of us still prepared to copy other quotes or other adage. What happened to those people I looked up too, those same people I know who has the intelligence that really makes me insecure and inspired, and the same people that I thought will make a big change, but instead I frequently seeing or reading their non-sense post in their timelines.

Most of my FB friends forgot that it’s been more than 5 years now since we’re using FB as our way of communications or reflection of ourselves on how we’ve change through the years; did we change? Sad to say, we’re still the same immature and lowlife societies that really don’t care what’s happening around us, and if you notice, this is the same paths our children are following…. our footstep.

Have a nice day and keep well!

Free to comment if you like but this post is for my friends in FB. WP people are awesome thinking people, artistic, and poetic. 🙂


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15 Responses to Why my FB friend’s Intelligence starting to rot or deteriorating?

  1. Yoshiko says:

    There are still those who are mature in using Facebook


  2. A Recluse Muses says:

    I agree that the posts on FB leave much to be desired. Some ppl have nothing creative, original or kind to share. They are there for attention or to emote or to have affairs. I get sick of the political nuts who spew nothing but hatred.
    But, look at it this way, FB is the perfect opportunity to get to know your friends well…and maybe eliminate those who only suck your time or positive energy.
    I only go to FB to chat with my dearest friends or to see pictures of the babies.
    You gotta admit though that FB does have a great networking system that allows one to contact a large circle when tragedy or illness require personal support.

    • FB offers a lot of opportunity like some of my friends uses it to sell their products or present their business and that’s good. I also uses FB as my means of communication with my closes friends but most of them just don’t know to use it properly. thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

      • A Recluse Muses says:

        I tried to show examples to my few family and followers how FB could be creatively used. i would post a picture of my day and write a short poem to go with it. but, nobody copied. boohoo…oh well… 🙂

      • Hahaha, You know what? I also did that; they just ‘like’ it without saying any words and it puzzle me for days. Hahaha

      • A Recluse Muses says:

        i think they think we’re weird. lol 🙂

        …poets r crazee..well, some of them..not me and not YOU. 🙂

  3. Fig Tree Chance says:

    This is one of the reasons I don’t “do” Facebook–Wordpress has been more rewarding for me. I have wonderful friends I may never meet personally, but are SO supportive–and I have 2 dear “nephews”, including my Chris! love, Tita

  4. keithakenel says:

    I joined facebook to find old friends and to communicate with small groups such as people with whom I am cast in a play effectively. I enjoy writing long and insightful posts that some of my fb friends enjoy reading and some scroll over. I do find it disturbing when someone leaves an enigmatic rant with the hope of garner concerned replies. It is a medium used by many in a variety of ways and we can only control our own content and what we choose to read. Thanks for reading my blog!

  5. I agree with you brother!

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