How Much Does Traffic Congestion Matter to my FB friends?

First we have to define the meaning Traffic Congestion as per Mr. Wikipedia, it means: a condition on road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterized by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing.

So, what’s with this issue? Well, we have to ask ourselves how much traffic congestion affected our daily lives as an ordinary people; does it matter to my FB friend? Or, they don’t care?

I started to know the word ‘traffic congestion’ at my parent house since I was in grade school; my father is a jeepney driver, he used to say “wala akong kita kasi trapik” after a long tiring day of driving in an air polluted street of Manila. What with this reminiscing? Well, I realized or I understand the true value of having a good or manageable traffic when I work here in Saudi Arabia. We used to travelled as far as 500km back and forth for almost 6 hours once a week from my work site to Khobar; to visualize how far is my place is, we have to measure Manila to Baguio as per its 244 km and we all know we have to spend more than 9 hours just to go Baguio, hold on, travelling from Manila to Edsa is not counted, you must start counting once you passed by NLEX Toll gates.

So what? Maybe some of you are raising their eyebrows while saying that word, my point is, if every one of us will use our timelines in FB to call the attention of our government, maybe, the perennial traffic congestion problem we’re experiencing right now will be solved, of course, government will be alerted by this calling since FB is the most used famous social networking site in the Philippines or you don’t care? Maybe you will answered me back “that’s their problem not mine I have my own car”. That’s really pathetic reasoning and I pity you for that, really.

I hate to write more than 500 words because I know, no one will give a damn time to read this post; my FB friends are not used to read informative article as per my previous post they are more hooked to read about showbiz article, quotes, and busy with their selfies or at least trying to be attention seekers by posting their boring activities, foods and travel pictures without even describing or giving a tips how get there or how’s life there.

To end my articles, here’s the list that we should understand; the negative impacts of having monstrous traffic congestion in our lives in the Philippines;

1. Wasting time of motorists and passengers (Opportunity Cost). As a non-productive activity for most people, congestion reduces regional economic health. (In short, it’s your lost in every aspect of your life)

2. Delays, which may result in late arrival for employment, meetings, and education, resulting in lost business, disciplinary action or other personal losses (In layman’s word “Tardiness” and of course, don’t forget the possibility of being robbed inside the FX, MRT/LRT or jeep, worst someone will stab you to death or hit by a gun)

3. Wasted fuel increasing air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions owing to increased idling, acceleration and braking. (Aside from that, you will be getting free skin diseases due of freaking sticky heat, tuberculosis, diarrhea, migraine and a lot more diseases for free.

4. Stressed and frustrated motorists, encouraging road rage and reduced health of motorists. (In short, transfer house nearer in your workplace to spend more time with your family not with the street because of traffic. Common, spending time in traffic for more than 3 hours going to work and 3 hours going home and 8 hours in office; that’s 14 hours already and 8 hours to have a good night sleep, you already spent 22 hours, so what’s left to your family?)

Before I say goodbye, to answer my question on how much does a Traffic Congestion matter FB friend; they don’t care as usual.

Have a nice day and keep well.

PS: This post is intended to my FB friends not for my WP friends but you’re free to comments if like.



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17 Responses to How Much Does Traffic Congestion Matter to my FB friends?

  1. hjs1951 says:

    I think this is a global problem. I was sick of using a car, mainly because of environmental awareness and sold my car.
    Livig in a city the public local traffic is well organized and for my way to office and food buyings on weekend I use my bicycle. My main profit: Saving money, being faster than with a car and I do something for the environment.
    Last but not least it really makes me feel good.

    • First of all thanks you for liking my post and sharing your thoughts :D. Using bicycles as a mean of transportation is a good idea but not a popular suggestion in my country, even I, won’t use my bicycle if I wanted to go to work or buy some groceries because the posibility of being robbed or being hit by a reckless drivers is at least at 70%, and I don’t want to take my chances 😀 In the Philippines, to travel in Edsa as one of the main road in Metro Cities is like travelling in a gate of hell as per Dan Brown’s description in his new novel “Inferno” I cannot blame him, even I and my family are avoiding travelling to the city. We rather want to go the provinces or stay at home. Thanks once again.

  2. Yoshiko says:

    Congested traffic is the worst

  3. Fig Tree Chance says:

    Oh my, this does sound terrible, Nephew. I can appreciate well the stress and illness (and violence) which result. Now, I’m wondering if you have HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes there? In the USA we do, so commuters are urged to “car pool”–say, 4 people share rides together, and take turns being the one who uses his/her vehicle, sharing the driving (and wear and tear on cars). If someone doesn’t drive/have a car, then they help with fuel expense. And the freeways have specially marked lanes for these vehicles with more than one occupant. Also, we have a pretty good commuter transit (bus) system–I used it when I was working in Seattle, as I don’t drive.

    I’m also wondering if you must have a high incidence of vehicle accidents, and probably fatalities?

    You don’t have to answer this, but how much longer will you have to work in Saudi Arabia, away from your family? As always, I keep you all in my prayers, and heart. love, Tita

    • Actually Tita to answer your last question, I don’t know, it seems that I will be spending most of my time here (Saudi Arabia) for my family, I don’t know how enough is enough. I’m scared that once I stop working here, my family will be disarrayed. I dont have fallback when I decided to go home for good. That’s the saddest part of being overseas worker. And for your first question, Philippines has these varieties of public transportations, we even have a lane for public vehicles but the problem is narrow road with humungous volume of vehicles. And aside from that, all the thieves in street are getting bolder since this traffic attracting them to rob, steal in broad daylight which is so scary nowadays. Keep well Tita and have a nice day.

  4. I, too, am disappointed by Facebook’s lack of interest in serious articles. That’s why I prefer a blog, better reading of other people’s writing, and I can feel free to put up more varied things.

  5. amoafowaa says:

    Most of these things listed apply in Ghana, all the problems with transportation etc…

  6. Anthony Colon says:

    Thanks God I’m living in the province where life is so simple , no traffic and no air pollution etc.. but in cities like in manila some people there are sacrificing in their everyday lives especially in the slow traffic and transportation. I’m sure this will affect the economy if not given importance by the gov’t.

    • well, our economy really suffering as per the recent study almost 2.2 billion of pesos are losing per month and 5 hours of manpower are being wasted in the street because of that traffic, you know what I got some lot in Batangas; my wife and I decided to move there we hated metro cities because of traffic and pollution and we felt we’re no longer safe there. Thanks for dropping by AC. Have a nice day.

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