Throwback (A Cry for Foul)


I used to be a very beautiful woman and caring mother. The whole world loves me so much; they often visit me in the morning and let me sleep at night. In returns, I gave them all their needs and let them live with me.

I let my birds singing in their houses while my trees dancing with the wind. I amazed them with my beautiful fireflies that glows at night while my crickets orchestrating a song of lullaby.

I even provided them a food to eat from the richness of my soil and I let them swim from spring of my water.
When they asked me for a shelter I gave them my trees and from the cold freezing of winter I allowed them skinned-off my beast.

But one day, these people who loved me, are the same people who wanted to abuse me. They raped, robbed and they took away all my gold, silvers and even killed my beast for their display/usage.

They are always hunger to spoil my lands, and even went to the seas and oceans to killed my offspring.

I’m a friend and a mother who loved you so much, but why you disrespected and undressed me? I cried for help but no one wanted to listen, I’m so helpless and so despair. No one even notice; when I wept, many lives were taken nor when I got nervous your lands were shaking.
I dream that someday more of you will come not to hurt me but help me heal my wounds.

I never wanted to took lives but I don’t have hands anymore nor root to hold the tears in my eyes. I cannot do it alone I need your help.

****** Mother Nature ****

Since my blogs are all about throwback time this weekend, I then again decided to repost one of my favorite and sort of emo (short emotional) blog which are happening nowadays in all part of the world. Natures Wrath is becoming more frequent in our time and as the days goes by; it became more destructive. We saw it from last year’s typhoon in the Philippines when Haiyan completely wiped out all the communities in Samar, Leyte and Guian; a populated (Million) areas in the Visayas region of the Philippines. And more and more news about earthquakes happening almost every day, and it gauged higher than intensity 6-8 which is very destructive. Our lives is as fragile as a bubble and any time ready to burst, we cannot help ourselves once Nature wants us to pay for the damage we have done. 

Have a nice day and keep well.


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14 Responses to Throwback (A Cry for Foul)

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Your strong voice shocks me until I see the ending


  2. Fig Tree Chance says:

    Well done, Nephew.

  3. Elouise says:

    Beautiful, compelling and horrifying all at once. Our objectifying of people and nature has demeaned and demolished our most valuable resources. Your words of truth ring clear.

  4. patricia says:

    Chris, this poem carries a very strong message — great work!

  5. Powerful write! Thought provoking! Thank you! ♫
    Ann Marie.

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