Throwback (Just Believe)

You know you’re fortunate compare to others,
Or you’re so blind, don’t even care
to appreciate that matters?
From the time you wake up in morning,
Considered it as a blessing that you’re still breathing.

Try to look yourself in a different angle,
Your eyes, ears and nose are fixed not tangle.
You can counts your fingers from one to ten,
And you even have a complete arms and hands.

Why you’re still whining and complaining?
Is it not enough and you want more thing?
Go outside and feel the sun,
or go singing in the rain while having fun,
Rejoice and play with your children,
Like those chicks with their mother hen.

God provided you everything you needed,
Why do you need to seed hatred?
Try to calm down when things are not align,
Be thankful and wait for His sign.
They will not say “patience is a virtue”
If nobody believes and says it’s true.

In early days of my blogging ‘Just Believe’ is one of my poems, I composed. Since, I’m still in working progress I still need time to polish my grammars and wordings. I would like to share this poems to remind us of our blessings that we neglected every day.

Have a nice day and Keep Well (“,)


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13 Responses to Throwback (Just Believe)

  1. Elouise says:

    Lovely reminder of simple things that make all the difference in the world.

  2. lolaWi says:

    Be encouraged Chris. You have a wonderful gift! Lovely poem, reminding us to pause and smell the roses. 🙂

  3. canaf says:

    I love the thoughts here. I do try to always be grateful for so many things.

  4. A Recluse Muses says:

    gratitude is a must for happiness. good post!

  5. ivyon says:

    “Why do you need to seed hatred” i love it, I want to say that to a LOT of people 🙂

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