Throwback (Reminder)

I decided to repost/reblog this poem of mine which I posted a year ago, because I’m having some difficulties adjusting on my new work site assignment. I forgot to appreciate simple things that I have, so, this poem that I posted before will keep reminding me how fortunate I am while sipping my morning brewed black coffee.

Have a nice day and keep well (“,)

Ito ang Kuwento ko (This is my Story)

If you’re a bee, you only need a flower to make a honey,
And a queen to have a colony.

If you’re a bird, you only need to catch a worm,
And small nest to keep your family warm.

If you’re a rain, your direction is one-way,
No left, no right, just go down that’s your way.

If you’re a fish, you only need a water to enjoy the day,
All your days are holidays.

If you’re a rainbow, obviously your beautiful,
Wonderful and colorful.

But since you’re a man and life is full of stress
Drink some tea or coffee and take some rest.
 Remove your shoes, feel the earth
You haven’t try it since your birth

Have a nice day and Keep well (“,)

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4 Responses to Throwback (Reminder)

  1. redgladiola says:

    A sweet poem! We humans make life so complicated.

  2. topazo says:

    this is so beautiful…nice rhymes

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