Throwback (Seeds of Love)

From the time when we were born
we know we’re not alone
We are the fruits of a woman who fell in-love with a man
And a man who’s longing a love from a woman.

So, don’t be sad nor don’t get weary
If life is not that colorful as we like to be.
Just look at the birds and the bees
Even the fish swimming in the seas
They just wanted to enjoy life and be free
Same as we, so, why you choose to feel misery?

One smile makes our day so fine
Go out, invite your love to dine and drink some wine,
Seeds of love will always around us
Rejoice He wants to show He’s always be with us.

This was my second poems when I’m starting to use WordPress as my shock-absorber or I want to unwind; not that I wanted to be ‘emo’ (short for emotional). It’s just, that writing poems/poetry bringing out something deep within you. And it’s a sort of challenge to compose a poetries in English since English is not my native tongue. I guess, looking back to all I wrote makes me happy to know that I improved a lot in blogging; more polishing and soon I will be good blogger who knows a writer someday? Let’s wait and see.

Have a nice day and keep well (“,)


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6 Responses to Throwback (Seeds of Love)

  1. redgladiola says:

    I think like this too, about the fact that two people cared enough to crate us. So we should value and love ourselves more. =)

  2. lolaWi says:

    Lovely poem, Chris. Salamat sa like 🙂

  3. Xioliablue Anne Bauldevaire says:

    Okay, I would like to say something. Dear Cool Eyes (ChrisV),
    This poem is like God and man where God is maker of man, but the system of Adam and Eve does nothing. God killed Satan over Adam and Eve so God next made man to just live and counts if they good or bad, but they nothing. No matter how weird the story is, it somehow is true somehow and I think you have the answer. Come from woman, come from man – this is like God.
    I hope I don’t sound very strange or best of course, not frightening – but you have some sort of ANSWER here. People will not kill themselves when you finish your work, or go about killing others. I hope that you understand that you make GREAT sense.
    Okay, goodbye.

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