Sing to Me

There are no birds and no wild flowers in my place,
Only wild bushes and desert crickets here in a wide space.
Sound of silence is so loud and strange,
I don’t have the choice… but to be engaged,
In a place that I knew who silently loved me,
In expense of my life and what I wanted to be.

Sacrifices and Patience are all that I need,
As well as the Faith; the air that I breath.
Sadness is not the option, I learned to dealt with it,
But really I miss the sound;
Of the birds’ singing their tweet tweet.

Just for one day, let me hear your voices once again,
Specially at my place where there’s no flowers, and there’s no rain,
Your music and sweet lovely refrain,
Makes my day… a day where I fell in love again.

Have a nice day and Keep Well (“,)



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3 Responses to Sing to Me

  1. Thus is so beautiful! Well written. 🙂

  2. keithakenel says:

    I have been living this in reverse much of the summer as my wife traveled for business far more than usual. Even though she was never away more than a week at a time and I had the comforts of home I still missed her beauty and the comfort of her touch while she was away.
    Fortunately for me she will not be traveling so much in the immediate future.

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