Calmed Waves

And the rough waves starts to calm,
No more pain when it reaches my palm,
Only a smooth and gentle breeze of her touch
More relaxing than sleeping on my couch.

Now, more words are coming out on her mouth,
But words of  full of love and caring; shouting loud,
  A once silent treatment I experienced,
that full of silence and full of tense.

For a year I used to fight the rough wave,
But only burdens and pains making me slave
From now on I just have to wait,
For her to come to shore though she’s 3 days’ late.

Just remember in every darkness of our days,
  It will always be replaced sooner by beautiful sunrise,
and majestic sunset of His grace.

Have a nice day and Keep Well (“,)


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5 Responses to Calmed Waves

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Glad that the silent treatment has ended

  2. Jem Croucher says:

    Beautiful words. Following now…

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