The Reunion

When I read and watched the story (Click the below link) from a Philippines local TV channel (GMA7) I was really moved. It’s all about a grown up lady looking for her nanny who cuddled her during her developing stage. I cannot hide my feeling how great and proud I am to that Nanny (You know we both work abroad), despite of being far away from her family during the times that there’s no internet and cellphones, she dedicated herself to take good care of other’s children as part of her duty as Domestic Helper in Saudi Arabia.

After years of working in Saudi Arabia, she decided to come back home for good and for her family. To her surprise, the little girl whom she cuddled for a years is trying to contact her and wanted to see her personally. The little girl is a grown-up now and she working as a writer in a magazine. She really trying her best to reach his Nanny who has a big impact to herself, she still remember how her Nanny take good care of her and treated her as her own little girl when her parents are busy with their respective works. She even remember her nanny teaching her some of Filipino words. I saw them crying while video chatting and you can see the smile and excitement when they see each others for a long time.

I salute the family of that little girl that despite of some bad news about the maltreatment of other nationalities to some of domestic helpers, they maintained their professionalism and good relationship with their employee. They also teaches their children how to respect and show compassion. In returns, harmony and peace in both sides begin and good memories remain intact. I cannot wait to watch their reunion this coming August 31, 2014.

Here’s the link of that story;

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2 Responses to The Reunion

  1. Elouise says:

    What a remarkable story. I can see why it makes you proud!

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