3 Days of Silent Treatment

For three days in a row, I’ve been experiencing a silent treatment from someone special to me, that’s the reason why I composed two poems in two days. Actually it’s a double silent treatment from nature and from a person. Last night, I went to bed early after I finished watching ‘Ancient Aliens Season 7’. Indeed, the show contents of astonishing details of studies and research, and it really blew my mind; in some way they convinced me that it’s possible.

I have a lot of question in my mind; given a change to go back in the past/ history or visit what’s the future looks like, what’s the first thing you/I should do? For me, I don’t know personally; I’m just an ordinary human with an average IQ, I cannot help those people in the past to have a better life or to advance their knowledge in preparation for their future. And If I will go to the future, definitely, it will be a hurtful scene to see what’s is our life there knowing the agonies that all of us experiencing right now, it will be truthful and hurtful fact, that as our technologies developed other people are suffering of inequality; some will prosper while most will failed; that’s the reality.

 To be a normal people, we will be experiencing failures, broken-heart, worries, depressions, and so many things; this is part of being a normal people. And as I have said in my past blog; it’s not a matter how many failures you had, it’s a matter of how you stand from that failures.

 In addition, “when someone door’s closed, other windows will open’” This is what was happened to me this week. When someone decided not to talk to me other just open their time to close the hanging issues we had encountered last few weeks. Yes, at last, we just receive a go-signal from the management allowing us to take our meals in the dining hall for free; that’s a good start for now and I will wait what will happen next to the second silent treatment I have had right now.

 Have a nice day and Keep Well (>_<)




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