Shadow of Hidden Lies

Silence bring peace in our lives,
But in a relationships it means a hidden lies.
A shadows that nobody wants to reveal,
A battle like climbing in a mysterious hill.

A decades of trying to reach success,
But in a split of seconds someone asked for a recess.
Stunned, surprise and brought a havoc,
A silence that’s no one dares to talk.

Both Hopes become pathetic,
Because of someone’s attitude is erratic.
Broken glass fixed and display once again,
To show passion still flaming in a pouring rain.
But pouring rain become more stronger,
Flaming passion in rain drown in a river.

Friend hold tight, there’s a light;
A passing log is in your sight,
Hold it tight and begin to fight,
In that situation someone has to be bright.

Have a nice day and Keep well (“,)


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11 Responses to Shadow of Hidden Lies

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Since putting flaming passion in rain is wrong, so what is the best choice?


  2. A Recluse Muses says:

    absence is not necessarily lies. ppl get sick or just needs breaks to breathe, recharge and move forward.

  3. Merci for visiting 24/7 in France, author of “Solitary Desire-One Woman’s Journey to France” See video

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