What’s for Breakfast?

These last few days, I don’t have plan to cook for my breakfast but I have to eat breakfast, right? Breakfast is the important meal to start up your day specially if you’re going to work. Of course, we know that, that’s why I don’t want to missed my breakfast. So, what’s the easiest way to prepare my breakfast in less than five minutes at least before I go to shower? Well, I have oatmeal, cocoa powder and milk; maybe you already have idea what is it. We called it in Philippines as sort of Champorado instead of using sticky rice, I used oatmeal and I mixed it with hot water to cook the oatmeal before adding cocoa and milk powder and after a minute, I have my Champorado or Choco Oatmeal, you have to add sugar if you want to add more sweet.

So, that’s it! Breakfast with less effort in the morning, don’t forget to drink water of course that’s the most important things to do in the morning to start up your engine just like your car.

Here are the links of Benefit of Eating Oatmeal in the Morning;




PS. I been doing this for 3 days now because my room mate don’t have the initiative to cook for us; he’s like a nail, you have to hammer to bury him. He has to learn how to be independent since we’re not relatives and he’s been my room mate for more than two weeks (while he’s waiting for his new site assignment) Most of the time, I’m the one who’s cooking for us from breakfast to diner which I found it incovenience on my part. And what’s more annoying, I’m using most my own food stocks. (Sorry for sharing this personal matter and I’m not stabbing his back; in fact, I told him sometimes in a lightly manner or sometimes when I’m joking, I don’t know if he gets what I’m mean)

Have a nice day and keep well always


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7 Responses to What’s for Breakfast?

  1. breakfast is the most important and neglected meal i guess

  2. Yoshiko says:

    You too 🙂 take care of your health


  3. A Recluse Muses says:

    yum, chocolate champurado. i like this recipe and will try it. thank you for sharing.

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