Steamed Spinach with Garlic for Breakfast

Last night before bed, I already planned what to eat for my breakfast “Steamed Spinach with Garlic”. Maybe you’re wondering why I have to eat these kind of food early in the morning instead of cereal, bread and oatmeal. Just this past few days since I started cooking my own food, I noticed that my daily routine in the morning was change and I found it odd; I’m not used to it and I feel very uncomfortable. So, this is my solution, every morning I must steamed a leafy vegetable with raw garlic; chopped very little (so there’s no need to chew) and mixed with olive oil and little drop of seasoning before eating Sweet Potatoes as additional breakfast for me. As expected, before I went to office I achieved my goal and I feel so light and healthy, I smiled and I told to myself eat more veggies and healthy food to lessen the toxics you’re getting from the food you eat. It’s a lesson learned for me; as Asian, our meal must have a rice on the table and we all knew that rice is not healthy, if your line of work has no physical activities at a;; like what I have right now. But since, I cannot help myself not to eat rice, I’m trying to reduce my dependency in rice and eat more green leafy food to contrast the harmful effect of rice to my body.

I’m so health conscious nowadays, I’m just taking care of my health and this is how I also pampered myself and since, I’m the head of my family and lots of weight on my shoulder to be carried I have to stay fit and have a healthy mind to help them more.

Here are the links that might help you to considered eating Spinach and Garlic in the morning; Bon Appetit!

Have a nice day and Keep well.


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10 Responses to Steamed Spinach with Garlic for Breakfast

  1. Yoshiko says:

    Sometimes I eat rice and glad to learn food discipline though sometimes snacking


  2. PinayExpatBkk says:

    I can relate, this morning I cooked my own breakfast with more veggies and I skipped cereal. Not so full but definitely not acidic this time. 🙂

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