Thing’s Changed

In an instant, my heaven’s LIFE like here in Marine is changing; from having free meals, water, free iron and laundry was suddenly starting to faded one by one. I can tolerate doing the laundries and ironing chores but providing my own food with my own money that’s totally unreasonable. If you can only see my place is like an Alcatraz prison islet; remote and isolated from other normal people. It’s a good thing that I have a wifi in my place (actually not my own wifi I just borrowed this from my co-worker who’s on annual leave) otherwise it will be a disaster to me and maybe one day I will lose my sanity in this place. In able for me to reach the nearest town from my place, I have to travel at least 50km to buy my things like food, laundry soap etc., the problem is; the company do not provide a service car, so how can I get there? At this moment, I don’t want to get this things on my nerves, otherwise, I will not enjoy nor wanted to stay here for more than weeks or months nor I don’t want to be a problem/headache with my new Division because I’m starting to get irritated. So, first things first; cooking my food. Since cooking stove is not allowed inside the room because it’s a portable cabin, I have to secretly use rice cooker for frying and cooking rice, soup etc. Obviously, using rice cooker is not a good idea to cook your food because it will definitely take more of your time waiting to boil a soup or to fried the chicken but, I don’t have choice; I have to bear with it for the mean time.

The first meal I cooked was SOPAS or better known as Macaroni Soup. I thought, I don’t know how to cook, but good news, it is in my veins that I know how to mixed things, know how to prepared the ingredients and cooked in chronological manner. And here are my ingredients for Macaroni Soup; olive oil, garlic, onion, carrots, salt, water, liver, sausage, water and macaroni. The ingredients are not that complete but it’s okay better than nothing to eat.

Another good news, just now I received some suggestions from my boss about the problems my team raised in my recent blog and hopefully my colleagues will agree/favor with my choice to make this suggestion stand and be approved by the higher management. I’ll keep you updated on this matter.

Keep well and have a nice day.


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2 Responses to Thing’s Changed

  1. Imelda says:

    Naku, I pray that all gets better for you.

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