Problems in the Remote Places

What will you do if there’s no free foods, no free water and no free Wifi and no convenience store in your area?

These are the scenarios that my team has encountered/encountering right now, just a couple of days ago all these freebies was stopped due of some contract’s issue raised by dining supervisor in my workplace assignment. According to him, he was instructed by their higher management to stop giving us free meal a day including drinking water, we get upset of course because we feel that we are a beggars begging for a food to eat that day. This is not the first time we encountered these kind of things, so I have to hold my breath for a seconds just to calm myself and to avoid any unexpected commotion or to get some shameful attentions from all the diners dining that time.

In a formally manner and on behalf of my team I just asked to whom should we raised our concerns since we was also instructed to get our meal to that dining hall since there’s no restaurant, mall or a supermarket near in the area. When I got the details, I wrote a request letter to be signed by my project manager or business administrator and they immediately responded to my request; from that, I sent the letter of request to the concerned person and he acknowledged the request, that’s a good sign and we thought at last food and water are not problems anymore. To my surprise, when I followed up the next day he informed that my request was rejected by the higher management because they raised so many issues that definitely I don’t want to spill due of confidentially. So my team and I, have to deal with problem and I raised this issue to my immediate supervisor, I just hope the solution I gave him will be approved on a couple of days not weeks because it will be inconvenience on my part and my team that we are spending our own money to buy foods and water that supposed to be provided since my team are currently assigned in a remote area.

So back to my question what will you do if you’re in these situations or how will you deal with it? That will be my next story on how I survive/surviving with these unexpected scenarios.

Have a nice day and God blesses us all.


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5 Responses to Problems in the Remote Places

  1. Yoshiko says:

    This is a hard question to solve =_=’ oh no

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