From Manifa to Marine Project

As I step forward to the next chapter of my life here in Saudi Arabia, I’m so honored and proud that I was able finished my previous project’s assignment which is Manifa Project; a Mega Project of Saudi Aramco in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was started from year 2007 and hoping to be finished by year 2015 before it will be fully operational. Although the project are presently functioning and operational but as per their plan; Manifa Project will have a phase II construction in the future. I thought, that I will be one of the few personnel who will be helping the project for the close-out but I was wrong; dated July 3, 2014, I found out that my personnel profile was transferred to different division with different project. At first, I was stunned because I didn’t expect it to happened that soon but little that I know why back July 1, 2014 my personal files was been routed for approval and eureka; the next morning I’m already transferred to Marine Division. It didn’t take a day before it ‘sink in’ in my mind that I’m no longer connected to Manifa and you know what? I’m so excited that time and my heart starts to beat ‘extraordinary’; as in, I have this butterfly in my stomach. I feel bless that despite all my flaws and not so perfect performances; my department (OPD) entrusted me a new project that needed my expertise and I’m glad that I have it and definitely I will share all what I have learned from my previous beloved project. Right now, I know you have a clue; today is my one monthsary to my new beloved project “Marine Project”. Having a new project or work is like having a complete total makeover of yourself; is like starting a new life with ‘proud’ of your achievements.

Sorry for being so busy and was not able to update my blog for a several months and thanks for dropping-by. God bless to all.


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  1. Yoshiko says:

    God bless you too ~ Yoshiko


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