What If?

Last February 22, my wife celebrated her 30+ birthday, I told her that ageing is not all about having white hair or graying or wrinkles in her face, it’s all about how many times she stood up when she fell down in battles. Those experiences indeed helped and teach her in life to become a woman, a mother and a wife to me, her family.

I’m so proud of her that despite being married as early as 22 years old she never gives up her duties; she continued to be responsible mother, a trusting wife and responsible good servant of our God.

I guess every experiences in life is very unique; we should treasure it, owned it, have it and share it but don’t regret it otherwise we never learn or we still living in our past of “what if?”

God Bless us all.


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2 Responses to What If?

  1. I love the line when you said, ” she stood up when she fell down in battles”. This is so true and applicable for everyone’s life. Thanks for sharing. God bless 🙂

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