Don’t Speak

When I was a child my parent forbidden me to speak or to have a communication with adults especially if I’m not involved or not my concerns, it’s more about adult things: mingling with adults considered ‘bastos’ or rude in my country during my younger days. But now I’m a father I encourage my children to speak up or share their views/opinion mostly on family matter. I liked listening to adults’ stories when I was young their stories created an imagination to me, all their experiences in life were like alien to me. Male adults in the Philippines usually shared their stories while drinking beer, that time there no videoke or karaoke, so everybody have their own moments to share, some were talking about their disappointment in their families while others were so proud of their children’s achievement.

What annoyed me that time they usually ask for my help to buy some beer in the convenience store, you heard it right, kids in my country can buy beer or cigarette in a store without showing their IDs and I found it very unacceptable.

It’s a common site in my country mostly in depressed area allowing kids to lit a cigarette in their behalf or opening a bottle of beer which invites kids to sip or to taste it, I usually don’t speak that time because I’m just a kid, they will just ignored me and my voice don’t matter at all. But, that time, I’m more adult or matured compare to them, I know they were not a good example because of their action there inviting kids to be like them, wasted.


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3 Responses to Don’t Speak

  1. spencercourt says:

    > kids in my country can buy beer or cigarette in a store without showing their IDs

    Wow, that’s still going on? Everywhere, or mainly in the sari-saris? When I was living there in the 60’s, we had no problem getting beer even in the restaurants without ID. But even then, if they wanted ID, my driver license said I was 21. I got that when I was 16 with a small bribe to the DMV through a “connection” my mother had. But I never got drunk; just had one draft San Miguel to “wash down” the food or sip on while hanging out with friends because I would be driving home and didn’t want to cause an accident.

    same was true for the illegal casinos before they became OK. Since they were already illegal, they didn’t care if you were a teen as long as you were going to spend money there. At that time, they gave free food and drinks if you gambled. So, we ‘d go in, get a roast beef sandwich and alcoholic drink at the snack bat, then play maybe 20 pesos (4 pesos to 1 dollar at that time). If we lost, we figured we paid for the food; and if we won…

    • Villanueva says:

      Well, those things still going on in the Philippines nothing change that much, and we still have the same old crooks in LTO who can be bribed to get your driver’s license easily. What has a change a lot in the Philippine is it’s currency rate, you’ve said 4 pesos vs. 1 dollar before, now it’s almost 45 pesos per dollar 😉 which is good to all the Filipino working abroad.

      I bet your life when you stayed in the Philippines was so good and very memorable, good for you, no one can take it! Thanks for reading spencercourt 🙂

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