6 years in Saudi Arabia

I almost forgot to tell you about how many years I am now in Saudi Arabia. It was January 28, 2008; when I arrived here in the kingdom to work in a well-respected company. I loved this company they provided me a good compensation that indeed helped my family.

Obviously, that’s the reason why I’m still here for 6 years. You read it right! ‘6 years’ and from those years of working outside of my country and far away from my kids and wife, I missed so many first from my kids. To pay-off those precious moments, my company provided me ‘security’ to my family. Security in terms of providing them enough foods to eat, better education, safe and very humane house to stay and a good surrounding/neighborhood.

Well, I cannot get all I wanted in life but in my own little way I can give those things to my family which I don’t have before, as they say “behind every success there is a sacrifice”. As for me, I can still work here for more years; all I need is more patience and a strong faith.

Good day to all.


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7 Responses to 6 years in Saudi Arabia

  1. Good day to you too! hindi madali ang buhay nating mga OFW…

  2. Ms. Vee says:

    God bless you and your family. Thank you for visiting and the like on my post Stress Melt. 🙂

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