A 12 Years of Marriage

We’ve been through a lot of things in life,
Just like the scattered stars in the skies at night,
Some just faded away while some glows and stay.

We’ve make mistakes, that’s alright!
Because from it we’ve learned and become bright.
We might not knows what’s tomorrow may bring,
But we knew faith and love bonded us like a ring.

I might be your second or third priorities in your life, hold on, I knew God is your first and our family next in line.

Being a third is not a bad place after all just keep the faith and love, same as here together we will face the sweetness and not so sweetness of life. – clv


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6 Responses to A 12 Years of Marriage

  1. Where have you been dear? I barely read from you these days. How are you?

  2. BeWithUs says:


    Have a wonderful and blessed day ahead, my friend~ Cheers!! 😀

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