12 Years with my Babe

Good morning WPfriend,

How’s your day? I hope you had a wonderful weekend and in good health as always  Just want to share my anniversary message to my wife.

Time is running so fast, I been a father to our children for 11 years and a ‘good ‘ husband to you (ehem) for 12 years. A days from now, we will celebrate our 12th years anniversary. I’m so proud and so happy that despite of our ups and downs, we still have a strong relationship and still love each other so much. I know, I’m not a perfect husband but throughout the years of being married, we know how to say ‘sorry’ and know how to understand each other. We already knew we literally started from scratches, as in nothing, except our clothes. We both thought that we already knew how to live without parents on our side and I thought it is easy to have a happy family even I’m not prepared financially. I hate when my bubbles was burst that time, I never imagine that the word ‘prepared’ should be on my first list before, when I’m planning to have my own family. Our life began to tumble-down when you’re about to give birth to our first born son and I don’t have money nor medical insurance to pay for the hospital bills, oh boy, that was a disaster and the rest is history. Looking back to those years of our lives, me and you, has this thing and always have it, FAITH.

We don’t know what’s life tomorrow but we know FAITH’s keeping us alive and keeping our marriage stronger every day.

Babe, Happy 12th Years Anniversary


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6 Responses to 12 Years with my Babe

  1. Yuna says:

    Happy anniversary. God bless u n family 🙂

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