Just Wondering

Last night, I walked outside and looked up in the sky, wondering if there someone like me who’s staring the same way I stared and amazed how those giant balls and gases arranged themselves and puzzled human like me. They seemed so tame, peaceful and beautiful if you look them in the night but beware they are not that friendly as we know. I’m wondering if someone like “extra human” or “advance human” living outside of our solar system why there not helping us to explore the wonders of the universe perhaps we can learn more things from them, knowing that our earth and our solar system is one the youngest solar systems and earth is just a million years old, kind a young compare to other planets.

If there are any “advance human” living outside of our planet/solar system I hope they have this “big heart” who can teach us to become more human per se, hoping to teach us to control our mind not to be corrupt in all aspects and teach us that helping one another should not have a boundary. Where rich status will be considered as a crime and being poor as well, where all leaders are thinking the good sake of their constituents. Well, I’m dreaming of a perfect world while I’m still breathing.

Have a nice day to all.


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