Where are you peace?

Nowadays, people are starting to be so restless. More and more of us are asking for peace but peace is not on our way like in Syria, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Egypt etc. Our world leaders even trying to solve this by a peace talk but sad to say their powers are not enough. We even tried to be more humane, more compassionate to the victim of the wars, calamities, and tragedies but in the end, it’s still not enough to have a peace.

Our technology nowadays are unimaginable; information are well shared in the internet and our Earth became smaller because now reaching or talking to other nations are so easy but still more of us are problematic, restless and wanted to have more peace. Maybe, sometimes we had it but not in a long time, right? Even church leaders are praying for peace of course they know and they can feel that man’s world is seeking for peace.

Well, maybe peace in not in the Earth, don’t you think? Even, the most powerful countries in our world cannot do it and cannot provide peace to one country to another. There are clueless, they can help to ease the tension but they just easing it, not completely providing peace to everyone. For me, peace means having a completely secured in our everyday life; secured from inflation rate, health, education, people lives in harmoniously way like you can open your door in your house without a doubt that someone will steal your things. You can go to places without hassle or fee, chatting with people and sharing stories of happiness in lives just like a paradise to all of us.

Where are you peace?

Happy New Year to all 


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6 Responses to Where are you peace?

  1. Sharmishtha says:

    its strange, how restless souls always are at the reign! see it in your close circle, you will see how unhappy souls always try to spread misery all around them, in place of embracing the peace and happiness they embrace and spread forth turmoil, torment- same thing gets materialized in global scale in grimmer manner.

    • Villanueva says:

      Maybe that’s the reason why man looked up to heaven to seek for an answer. Peace should be for all of us and should stay longer not for a limit of time. Thanks for reading Sharmishtha.

  2. fibee5 says:

    WordPress wont let me write more than two lines in reply 😦 but I found your post very thought provoking and wish i could share

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  4. BeWithUs says:

    Although we might not have the power to achieve world peace, every big thing will need a small beginning…so, my friend…rather than finding peace in the big picture, let us try to be a ‘peace maker’ instead…and hopefully our ‘peace of mind’ is able to pass it on…

    Take care, be well and happy always!!

    Peace and cheers!! 😀

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