Haiyan (Category 5 Typhoon)

Hi WPfriends,

Hope you are all doing good and in good health as well while composing this blog of mine dated November 11, 2013 my tears are flowing because of what happened to my country just a couple of days ago when the Central Visayas region was struck by a perfect storm named HAIYAN. From the eve of that tragedy I often message my wife about their status my eyes were hooked watching the full coverage of CNN about the typhoon that will about to arrive in the Philippines. Never in my life that I’ve heard a category 5 typhoon nor experience this in my country but these times are totally different. When I was in my grade school I enjoyed typhoon season because it mean no classes and it’s play time, nowadays kids are aware and wishing that typhoon will not crossed in the Philippines because at their early age they know the effect of it mostly to the affected areas. My sincere condolences to my countrymen who were hit by Haiyan, I can’t help myself not to think about my family if what if this tragedy happen to them without me? It’s really hard to accept the truth that all of us are not exempted on these kinds of trials in life. I know and I believe that God has a plan for all of. Pain makes us strong to have a better life and learn from it. I pray for the families who lost their love one during the typhoon season and I pray to those who survived. God is watching you hold on to your faith; He is just testing how pure your faith is.


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15 Responses to Haiyan (Category 5 Typhoon)

  1. ἇRVℎℰℰ says:

    Hi chris,
    The heavy rain, strong winds and felling trees were horrific. A lot of power lines were destroyed, water was cut and no network signal. Lotting happened in other areas as well. After Haiyan, another storm is coming this week but Filipinos have strong spirit

    • Villanueva says:

      so sad 😦 what’s happening to our country? from PDAF, DAP, earthquakes and super typhoon. I pray for our people’s safety. By the way, you’re in the province right? Are your family okay? God bless us all.

  2. Praying for your country. I so glad you and your family are safe.

  3. Caddo says:

    I’m thinking of you and your family, Nephew, and all of your countrymen–God protect and bless you all. love, Tita Caddo

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Tita, my family and I were safe. Thank you tita for thinking my family safety. I’m so sad and weeping for what had happened to my fellow countrymen living in that affected area, as you remembered they also experienced an earthquake a weeks before Haiyan and now there’s another typhoon coming in the same area 😦 How are you tita? hope you’re doing fine stay safe and healthy 🙂

      • Caddo says:

        My prayers continue for you and all the others in your area–it is unimaginable to me, the devastating loss. I keep thinking of our Lord Jesus, walking in the storm–His hands touching all of you. I’m fine, dear Nephew–no worries about your Tita.

      • Villanueva says:

        Thank you so much tita, every day I still pray to those family affected by Haiyan.

      • Caddo says:

        The recovery will take time, Nephew–so I’m praying for abundant resources, and also patience.

      • Villanueva says:

        Thank you so much tita, I miss those words of advices from you 🙂 keep safe and have a nice day.

      • Caddo says:

        Thank you, dear heart. It is Thanksgiving Day here and I’m very thankful for ALL God’s Rich Blessings and Favor on my life. I’m making a turkey dinner, very traditional–wish you and your family were here to share it; I’d feed you all till you were too full to move!! God bless you all–love, Tita Caddo

  4. Shainbird says:

    Peace and prayers to you and all of the Philippines.

  5. Alex says:

    I have not been very active on my blog recently due to replanning of the structure of my aim but when the news which has been broadcasted world wide informing us of the terrifying ordeal some of your countrymen have experienced, I felt so much sympathy for the aftermath of this devastation. I don’t know you but I immediately thought of my fellow blogger. I hope world aid organisations will step up the genuine help that is offered.Here in the UK as usual we have a generous heart, but much more will be required and I fear the emotional experience is something we can we can not comprehend.I wish you all well.

    • Villanueva says:

      Thank you Alex, and we salute your country for being very generous to the Philippines and to all the countries who helped my fellow Filipinos. God bless you more and take care.

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