Day 1

Hi WPfriends;

How’s your day? I hope you’re doing good and still in good health. My vacation days were over and this day is my first day of work and I have to spend 1 more year here in KSA. I have this memorable vacation with my family; very good and a little bit sad or dissappoinment but more of a very good side. Just recently my family went to Luneta Park with my siblings and my parents, it was a very happy day. That was the first time my family spent the day with my parent outside of their house, and it was a very special day because my mother and father were there also. As you know, my parents were seperated 20 years ago and they never been friend after seperation but when I worked abroad they started to be friend and stayed in one house as my request 😉 they granted it. Oh boy, that was a tough decision for them to make but it worthly at least there’s a peace and I loved them seeing together not as a husband and wife but a civilized parent to my other siblings. Going back to my story, Luneta park helped me to recalled my past; my parents used to visit that place to spent the holidays like Christmas and New Year and that was one of the happiest day when I was a kid. Now I shared the place with my kids and I saw them enjoying all the slides and kiddie playground while the adults like me were enjoying taking pictures and sharing different family stories, what a bonding that time. I starting to miss them so much. Next time I will share the pictures.

Have a nice day.


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7 Responses to Day 1

  1. Great to read you and your beautiful family are doing well!!! Thanks for sharing with all your wordpress friends! Have a great weekend!

  2. Caddo says:

    So thankful you and the family could have this time together–God bless you with His abundant favor. love, Tita Caddo

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Tita, sorry I was not give you an update during my vacation, I’m so occupied and don’t have time to open the computer 🙂 how are you tita? I’ll send you some of my family picture tomorrow. Hope your doing well.

  3. ἇRVℎℰℰ says:

    Happy to read this Chris.. God bless you and your family (=

  4. BeWithUs says:

    That’s what parents would do for their children, I guess u can probably relate to it since you are a father too. Anyway, happy to learn about it.

    Happy November , my friend! Cheers!

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