In the Eyes of the Children

Good day WP Friends;

I would like to share this domestic news happened in some part of my country (Philippines) which is really disturbing when I read it. I pity those children who don’t know where or to whom they will run in case that ‘thing’ happened again. Here’s the below news:

“The Taguig Police will free Manuel Cuntapay if his three children do not file a case against him. And the children won’t because, they tell the police who are temporarily taking care of them, they don’t want to see their father in jail.

A few days ago the man whipped the children—aged 8, 11, and 12—with a belt after he came home drunk and found no food for him to eat. After a while, perhaps realizing he was not inflicting enough harm, he took a bolo (local bladed sword) and hit the hapless children with it.

We will not go so far as to say that he hacked the children, but they did suffer severe wounds in their heads and arms. On that basis alone the police can and should file an anti-child abuse case. They won’t because, they tell the media, the children are not filing a complaint” – Manila Times Newspaper

When I read the news about how the father of those 3 children physically abuse his children, I remember my kids. I usually get mad to correct their mistakes or to at least guide them to be a better citizens in the future. But, I will not punished them because there’s no food on the table for me. I will serve my kids first before they will serve me. I really feel sorry for the mother of those children who’s working abroad for her family and to heard the news that her children maltreated by his husband who’s supposed to be her partner to guide or to mold their children while she’s away.

Have a nice day to all.


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16 Responses to In the Eyes of the Children

  1. So very sad….I am praying for the children.

  2. Cubby says:

    That is horrible. 😦

  3. I pity those kids. The father is a drunkard and I hate to know that the mother is working overseas.. And with a BOLO? What’s happening to us? Bitter reality. 😦 I have not caught it on the news because I was drown to the 10billion pork barrel scam. Do you have a link to the news report about these kids?

  4. Oh Nephew, what a horrific story. You can count on me to be praying for children everywhere, and especially for this little family–doing the best they can under difficult circumstances (the mother having to work away from them). So heartbreaking for all concerned–and I wish I could say that the laws were better elsewhere, but there seems to have descended a global apathy. Too many people “just don’t count”–whether they are children, elderly, or disabled–and therefore unable to “contribute to society”. Of course, we know that they contribute much of value to those who love them–but people in power don’t see that. It is terribly sad–but we serve a God who values the “least of these”–He loves us ALL because we are His Children–and we must try to focus on that. Lifting you up in prayer today, also, Chris–for you are such a blessing in my life. Love from your Tita Caddo–

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Tita Caddo, all your words are true and your values reflected on it as well. No words can explain how’s the year of your life molded you well and obviously you came from a contended and happy family with lots of faith in their heart. Thank you Tita for dropping by and giving me your word of wisdom. You too are such a blessing in my life. Take care always Tita.

      Love lots,

      • I hate to burst your lovely bubble-vision of my situation, Nephew–but the truth is my family life was quite dysfunctional, not happy or filled with Jesus-faith. Lots of mental/emotional abuse. Everything I have now is the miracle of His Grace. I live alone (divorced, no children–and no contact with my 6 siblings) on a very small disability income–and it’s a difficult place to be, as my neighbors are not Christians, and mostly substance abusers–lots of oppression. So all of this requires me to Choose to look for God’s blessings in every day, to believe how much He loves and cares for me–to remain faithful, to learn more about Him, and be obedient to the Holy Spirit’s nudges. That is why the people I meet here are my “family”–I have lots of love to give, and am so blessed when people allow me to be their “sisters” or “tita”. So now you know the true story of Tita Caddo (just a small bit, hope you’re not disappointed). Much love, Tita C

      • Villanueva says:

        Tita Caddo,

        I cried when I imagined your situation most especially those time you have had with your marriage, I can’t imagine how hard you been through. But as you said you undergo lot of abuses but hey look at you now Tita, you have a life and you keep inspiring people like me. I’m a product of a broken family too, that’s why I’m so eager to have a good and happy family which I don’t have it before when I was a kid. Don’t you worry Tita, this is not the life God promises to us 😉 do you believe in that? Tita Caddo, I know God must have a reason why He allowed us to communicate and let our heart and soul talked about Him, I invited you to please visit this site or one of these local near at your place whether you’re in USA or Europe. Maybe this is one of the reasons, He’s calling you through me and He’s just waiting for the right time, please. You only need are time and open heart that’s all Tita. This will be your family forever I’m very sure of that. Here’s the link Tita.

  5. Hi Nephew! Thank you, as always, for your sweet dear heart. I live in the USA, Washington State–I’m not sure I understood all you said, but I clicked on the link–what do I do next?? I’m not very good at this technology–blogging is all I really know. I’m glad you told me that you had come from a broken home–that explains why you’re trying so hard to be the best Dad. Now, you listen to your Tita–I have utmost confidence that you are doing your best as husband and father, and your little family will thrive and be such shining examples of God’s Love and Redemption; so I don’t want you getting stressed about how well you perform these tasks, okay? God is equipping you, and blessing your family with His favor–No Worries! God is good–and I’m so blessed that he brought us together as family, through our blogs, Chris. I was telling my cousin about you the other day (she lives in Texas, USA)–saying that, of all my Christian blog friends/family, you have showed the most caring toward me as I’ve worried about my neighbor Tyler–even though you are so busy with your job and getting ready to see your family again. That’s when I knew our hearts had connected–that we care about what concerns each other. I better go for now–but I’ll give you my email address, in case you want to contact me that way:

    God bless you and your little family so BIG! much love, Tita Caddo

    • Okay, I found the church nearest me–is it a Filipino Church, do they not speak English, I wonder? I don’t drive, and there is no bus service on Sundays, so if there are English-speaking people there, I might call and see if they would provide transportation. Anyway, thank you so much for the link–and your encouragement. You’re such a sweet Nephew to me!

      • Villanueva says:

        Hi Tita, glad to know you already found the church nearest in your place. it’s not a Filipino Church, it’s ‘Church of Christ’ and they are all Filipino-American and definitely speak English like you do. They will go on your place to fetch you to the Church just to attend and observe the teaching, they will be glad to hear your voice and wanted to visit or to be their visitor. Truly, God has His way to call His children and He’s calling you Tita, hope you will like it, this is the only thing I can do it for you, for now. God Bless you Tita, hope to hear some news when you visit the Church of Christ 😀 I’m sure you will never regret it Tita.

        Love lots.


      • Thank you, Nephew Chris, for your BIG giving heart! Take care, as I keep you in my prayers. God bless you–love, Tita C

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