9 days to go

Good day WP Friend;

How’s your day?

I’m so excited to go home, I mean to be with my family, it’s been a year since the last time I experienced eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and going to church with my kids and my wife and it’s been a year since the last time I saw rain and floods. Now, that my vacation day is approaching so fast, I hope my itinerary will work this time. First, I instructed my wife to buy some dresses for my kids and for her for a family pictorial in studio, you know, for a souvenir and I wanted to placed it in my living room, don’t worry I’ll let you see my family pictures. I also plan to tour my kids in some of the historical places in Metro Manila like the famous Wall of Intramuros built a centuries ago by the Spaniards to protect the City of Manila from other invaders and of course, I will not let my chances not to show the Philippines Museum to my kids, I want them to realize the importance of history to their lives. Lastly, a nice beach with a pool to enjoy the nice warm and clean beaches in Batangas and the rest I will cook and help my wife in her household chores. What can you say about my itinerary? I’m open for suggestion, anyone?

Have a nice day. Sorry guys for not visiting your blog for the past few days don’t worry before my vacation day, I will spend time to read your post, I miss reading your post.


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5 Responses to 9 days to go

  1. Oh Nephew, I’m so excited with and for you!!! Praying everything will go smoothly, that God will show favor to you, and pour out His abundant blessings on you and your family during your reunion. Don’t worry about a thing! And thank you again for your sweet spirit and caring heart toward me–you are a BIG blessing in my life!! Love, Tita Caddo

  2. Alex says:

    Long time to be parted from your loved ones. You are a very strong and loving family. Have a wonderful time.

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