Its your 8th Birthday Iza!

Good Morning WP Friend;

Yesterday, my daughter Iza celebrated her 8th birthday and I said wow, how time really flies so fast. I remembered the first time I saw my daughter, she was so fragile and her hair was so thick almost covering her forehead. She never cried that time and we were so worried, my wife forced to put her nipple inside my daughter mouth just to nourished her but we failed and she tried it again from time to time and the rest is history. I spoke to her yesterday (my daughter) and I asked her if she’s happy on her birthday, she said ‘yes’ although it’s just a simple birthday celebration happened yesterday. My wife prepared buko salad, carbonara and roasted chicken courtesy of my mother-in-law in her poultry. I also asked her what she wanted to be when she grow-up (classic question) and she said she wanted to be a nurse or teacher and I asked her again, “I thought you wanted to be doctor?” and she said “No, I wanted to be nurse because I wanted to take care of you when you get old!” She’s so sweet and I’m so touched on her words but I wanted her to be a Doctor or a Lawyer or a Certified Public Accountant like her mother. I just told her whatever you want I’ll support you; education and health will be my family priorities next to our Spiritual needs. By the way, I never have a chance to be with my daughter every time she’s celebrating her birthday and it’s 8 years also the years I’ve been working overseas 😦 So sad, I only spent 1 month per year with my family and total of 8 months bonding time with my daughter which 8 years old now.

Have a nice day everyone and Happy ‘ber’ month 😀


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20 Responses to Its your 8th Birthday Iza!

  1. What a sweet story, Nephew–Happy Birthday to Iza (what a beautiful name!!) from her old Tita Caddo! I can hear how difficult it is for you to be working away from your family, and I’m trusting God to bless these circumstances, nonetheless–HE Is Able!! Take good care–God bless you always–love, Tita Caddo

    • Villanueva says:

      Hi Tita,

      Thank you sweet Tita Caddo, as always your message makes me smile and always boost my spirit as well my determination to provide my family a good life that they deserve. Love is a sacrifice, I love them so I sacrificed for the sake of my family. No worries Tita, 11 days to go I’ll be seeing my family again 🙂 and I’m so excited to hug and kiss them again. God bless you too Tita.

      Love lots,


      • If you have time, could you pray for my neighbor please? He is missing, 5 days now–he’s 30 years old and suffers from schizophrenia. Not sure if you saw my poem for him, “Praying for Tyler”. Thank you, sweet Nephew Chris.

      • Villanueva says:

        Yes Tita I read it “Praying for Tyler” and I will pray for him Tita.

      • Thank you, thank you, thank you–I want him home safe so much.

      • Villanueva says:

        Any update? I hope his family found him already! Keep on praying and hoping Tita, I’m sure God will always take care of him.

        Love lots,

      • Nothing yet, Nephew Chris–I will let everyone know as soon as I get word. Unfortunately his family situation is not a good one, which is why I have taken him under my wing–feeding him often. I didn’t know just how much I love him, till this terrible time of worry over his absence. My faith is being tested, for sure–I have to keep telling myself that God loves him even more than this substitute mama does.

        Thank you so Very Much for your continued interest and prayers–you have a Big Heart, and you’re very dear to me also. Love, Tita Caddo

      • Villanueva says:

        Hi Tita, don’t worry too much, stay calm so you can think well. Keep on praying Tita and don’t forget to eat your meal, sometimes when we are worried we forgot to eat and we didn’t notice we sacrifices our health, you know what I mean. Stay strong and positive Tita.

        Love lots,

      • Thank you for the loving reminders–how did you know that food is the Last thing I want right now? I am blessed that God is sticking very close to me so I can tell him all my worried thoughts–and last night He said, “Maybe the wait will be a bit longer–but you can still hope”. He is SO Good to us. And you are the BEST long-distance nephew, Chris–even if we never meet on earth, I will always think of your lovely heart–I know I will recognize you in Heaven. God bless you BIG today–and all of your family.

      • Villanueva says:

        Don’t talk about heaven right now Tita, I want you to be brave and calm on your current situation, eat right, think right and pray as often as you can. They will not say “prayers can move mountain” if that’s not true. He just want to talk to you more often, that’s why He gave you this situation you have had right now. God bless you Tita 😉

      • Oh, you are so good to stay close to me–even with your job and everything. I am talking to God, praying, all the time–I even got on the wrong bus this morning because I wasn’t paying attention! Truly, I have calmed down somewhat–God asked me to “wait a little longer, and have a little hope”. And I’m eating better too. It’s been 9 days, no Tyler–finally, his family is making flyers to alert the public. So, thank you for Everything, sweet Nephew. God bless you too–love, Tita C

    • Alex says:

      Happy birthday how time flies. Cherish every moment, memories will bewith you always

  2. xbox2121 says:

    Happy birthday to Liza who is the same age as one of my granddaughter’s now I feel old 😊

    • Villanueva says:

      hehehe, be proud to be old Uncle 🙂 only skin and hair get old but our memories of good days are still young and fresh. Share your story to your granddaugther I’m sure she is excited to hear it from you. Stay healthy and God Bless uncle.

  3. bagotilyo says:

    Happy birthday Iza, You have a loving Mother wanting all the best for you 🙂

  4. carmenw503 says:

    I hope you get to spend some more time together soon.

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