Good morning WP friends,

I hope everything is all right; good weather, good food, nice environment and hopefully good news around the world. Despite of the calamities and civil wars happening in some part of the world, we should not worried ourselves about these things. We all knew these will happened at the end of days which were prophesied in the Holy Bible (Revelation). Even Jesus Christ himself when in his time, God showed him what will happened after his prayers on the garden like how will people mocked him and wanted his death on the cross, he wanted to avoid but he said “ let it be done to me according to THY word”. I don’t want to be sound preacher but this is the truth and we’re on the time, where people are asking more peace but will not and will never come to us, people knowledge will prosper but we will remained helpless, people will start to plan for the better future but unexpected things/test will come to us. Friend and family just always pray and thank Him for the life and blessings that we have had while we’re living in this world.

Take care and have a nice day to all of us 😀

By the way, I’m so busy this past few days due of project close-out and I have to packed my things in office because this coming week I have to transfer in my new office and sad to say I skipped two days in gym 😦


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2 Responses to Busy

  1. Wonderful to see you, Nephew Chris! Praying for you always, confident God is taking good care of you and your family–may He bless you with His abundant favor this week. Much love, Tita Caddo

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